How to buy second-hand goods on eBay (2021): A beginner’s guide


This brings me to the next important point: when buying on eBay, price is not the only factor to consider.

Know the seller

We don’t just want the lowest price; we want The best quality project At the lowest price. I found that, unfortunately, photos are not a good indicator of product quality. I bought a lot of items with bad photos, and it turned out that they are in very good shape. I also bought items with beautiful photos, but it turned out that they are rubbish. (I will return it to them.)

A better indicator of product quality is the seller’s feedback rating. A good seller-most likely to sell a good quality product in good condition-has a feedback score of 99.8% or higher. I rarely buy from sellers with feedback ratings of 99.6% or lower.

This leaves a gray area-the seller’s rating is 99.7%. In these cases, click the “Detailed Feedback” link and read the most recent feedback. There may be only one negative rating, and it was a few months ago. Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, the reason for the low score is not the fault of the seller, such as the package being lost in the mail, so it is worth reading the actual reviews and understanding the situation. If the seller’s rating is 99.6 or below, I personally don’t care what the price is. I do not bid.

I have purchased dozens of laptops, cell phones, cameras, camera lenses, cast iron cookware, music equipment, and even prepaid cell phone plans on auction sites. During that time, I was scammed only once, but even so, I eventually got the money back. I didn’t get what I wanted, but I didn’t lose anything either.

That said, it may need to be repeated: if the transaction sounds too good to be true, then it is.

How to bid

Once you have found what you want, and you know how much you want to pay, it’s time to… wait. I strongly recommend that you only bid at the last second. I mean almost literally. I only bid when there are about 5 to 10 seconds left. I waited until the auction was over, then I looked it up on my phone, because I thought the eBay app had a better actual bidding interface (worse to browse), and in the last few seconds I entered my maximum amount and I was willing to pay.

You don’t bid in advance because you don’t want to give your competitors a chance to react. If you bid more than someone a few days or even hours before the auction ends, they will try to bid more than you. My guess is that they will come back and bid more than you, even if you push them above their original highest bid. You don’t want others to have time to enter the emotional experience of bidding on eBay. Only auctioneers want to push bidders into the auction boom. We hope they will never see us come.

Once it drops to the last 20 seconds or so, you can enter the highest bid. At that time, an automatic bidding war began. However, this is not emotional. This is based on the cold and hard logic of the machine.


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