How to block Junk email on Hotmail?

Spam or junk mail in inbox of mail providers is big and critical problem for email users on daily basis. When a large number of junk emails store in mail inbox then users are strongly fed-up and think about to avoid the junk or spam emails. Every single user want to know answer this question that how to block junk emails on their mail providers? Now we are talking about stop getting junk email on Hotmail provider. So if you are a handle a Hotmail inbox then you are on right place. Our tutorial will be helpfully for stop the junk emails. Follow the under steps and make junk free your inbox.

What are the junk Emails?

Junk Emails or spam emails are unwanted and unsolicited email. Some of companies which do promotion and advertising for others who send this type emails for internet users for direct marketing. They are used emails for introduce a new product, new magazines, investment plans in market and many of other things of promotions. But it is not compulsory that all users like this type of emails or junk emails. So mostly users don’t like this type emails.

Delete the junk emails on Hotmail

  1. Open in your browser and log in your account to visit your inbox.
  2. When you are seeing the inbox window. Please go the top in window screen and click the ‘option’ link at the top in right side.
  3. After click the option link, you will see pop down and then click more option in popup box.
  4. When you click more option, you will see ‘junk email’ section.
  5. Click on junk email link that reads filter and reporting.
  6. When you click junk email folder link, you will see junk email screen as a new incoming window.
  7. Now you can select junk emails according to you as you want to delete junk emails.
  8. After select the junk email click on delete button and when you click delete, all selected junk email have been deleted in seconds.

Block the junk emails on Hotmail

Till now you were seeing that how to delete junk emails but your question was “how to block junk email on Hotmail” so for blocking junk emails is not a different method. Deleted and blocking of junk emails are approximate same. Some are difference between delete and block junk email on Hotmail. Now we are telling about the blocking junk or spam emails. When you click on junk folder link you see ‘filter and reporting’.

When you click filter & reporting button, this filter button offer three option filter to stop the junk email than you can choose one filter according to your choice.

  1. Low
  2. Standard
  3. Exclusive

Low option:when you select level of security low filter than obviously junk folder receives the junk emails along with.

Standard option: when you select the standard option security level than junk folder receives most emails which emails could be useful for you.

Exclusive option: but if you select security level of exclusive option than junk folder receives only safe emails like your contacts emails and safe senders.

So if want to avoid for junk email, click on the exclusive circle in filter and save your change setting. Now you have a better inbox without junk emails according to your choice. However all email providers have same setting to avoid junk or spam emails like outlook, live and msn. But some have different setting of filter the junk email like yahoo, Google, Rediff etc. You can set all email providers setting after the login your email address in your provider webpage.

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