Get your Covid vaccine and win one million dollars


LG: Does this work for cats and dogs?

with: You can bring a carrier, right?

LG: Yes it is. Can they have another first class seat?

with: As far as I know, you can do whatever you want in first class.

LG: Ok.

with: I think this is how it works. Cats can fly by themselves, and they must give it warm nuts. So it became something people would say, “Oh my goodness. That’s true”… and then people saw it. Then it has the same effect as the big money lottery in the states. According to the numbers that Bondar told me, they saw 400,000 people. You must upload your vaccine card. I mean, you have to prove that you are vaccinated, but 400,000 people have done so, 100,000 new Mileage Plus members, he hasn’t counted it yet, but he will go back and see when they were vaccinated See if it’s after the announcement of the competition and sweepstakes, because then you might say, “Yes, they did it because we announced the news to them.”

MC: So they are pulling FOMO leverage, right?

with: correct.

MC: One year, you can take first class wherever you want to go, you and a guest for one year. It’s like a, “Can you imagine?” People immediately start thinking about all the places they will go in their minds. But airlines are in a unique position to do such things because they can provide that FOMO experience. Have you seen other companies capable of generating so many FOMOs?

with: I mean, I haven’t seen it. Have you seen other people do this? Any company will do, right?

MC: Yes it is. But if it’s a year of Taco Bell burritos or a year of free bowling, the situation will be different. It seems difficult to generate so many activities.

with: This is real. Who controls these experiences? But then again, but let me say it the other way around, “Okay, okay, I mean, Apple can say,’This is the top iPad.'” I mean, there are a lot of people around them, like, “Okay, show your vaccine card next time you come to the Apple Store. We will give away one in every zip code in the United States.”

MC: Super Bowl tickets.

with: Super Bowl tickets. of course.

MC: Tickets for the World Series. All expenses are paid for travel to the World Series.

with: My assumption, now I was initially wrong, as I said. I think if you only give people $50, it will help. In fact, this is a lottery. Therefore, as far as behavioral economics is concerned, my assumption is obviously completely wrong. But in my opinion, the experience is more important… I overestimate the experience, even more than the money in my head. Maybe it’s just because I live a privileged life now. But if you can do this, you will say, “Yes, go to the World Series or Major League Baseball. Next time you come to the baseball stadium, show your vaccine card, and you can participate in the lottery to pay all the fees. Four people traveling to participate in the World Series.”

MC: Disneyland.

LG: Well, interestingly, this shows that our ability to assess risk is indeed quite poor, because not only do we tend to exaggerate the similar opportunities we might win in the lottery, but we still don’t have a lot of certainty around the event, right? Our assumption now is that all these things are just… they have started to open and they will remain open, but in fact, we don’t know when we will bring them in the fall or winter of 2021. We don’t know what will happen. Sorry, guys, but we don’t know what will happen in the future, if other pathogens appear, right?


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