From Tamagotchi to “Nintendogs”: Why people like digital pets

Of course, cats and dogs are always popular, but horses and fish are also in great demand. This legend Zelda The franchise has Link’s iconic horse as the mainstay of the role, and Red Dead Redemption 2 Amazing yield the film Ride a horse through the countryside, and necessary interactions such as feeding, petting and grooming. I have already mentioned one (many!) available fish games.For those looking for something more remote, there are lovely Chulu Raise yourself.

So those are the digital pets that appeared before. What is coming?

Today and tomorrow

With every new advancement in technology, some kind of virtual pet will appear. Soon after Apple introduced the Touch Bar to the MacBook Pro, Touch a pet Accompanied. Using the thin space, you can feed your pet, throw a little red ball to play with it, and then clean it up. A lovely idea, but hardly enough to be regarded as a game. I would classify this virtual pet as a “distraction” rather than a companion.

David Fazzio is the independent developer behind the Studio 46 game companion, In addition to being stunning in sound and vision, it also gives players the opportunity to see the other side of companion life. Here, the animal refers to the “spiritual companion” and the player is the creature itself. “As a companion,” Fazio said, “you will win the kindness, trust and love of the characters in the human story. At some point, you will interact with the characters in the human story. You will become a pet. You can sit and lie down. And stretch out the paw.” Now I feel that I am getting closer and closer to the reason why digital pets have such control over users.

The ability to rub pets behind the ears seems to be an important part of the design. Tristan Cooper has a Twitter account”Can you pet a dog,“Collect data from users, which video games allow players to interact friendly with dogs (and sometimes other animals). “I think people who love video game dogs will do this from various angles,” he said. “Some players will I think this is a good breakthrough to the increasingly complex and demanding standards of modern AAA games. Some players see it as a way to reconnect with precious childhood pets that have passed away. Some players just like cute animals. ”Petting the animals in the game and getting happy responses from them will form a positive feedback loop.

Virtual reality developers are also working hard to create pet games.Oculus based Baogao Provide cute creatures that can be regarded as pets, and being in a VR headset can provide players with a full sensory interactive experience. Here, you can actually bend down to pet your animal, and you can swing your arms to throw a stick. Imagine your beloved pet living in virtual reality forever!

Virtual pet ownership can also be a gimmick. ZED It is a horse racing and breeding website based on blockchain technology. Users spend real-world money to buy, breed, race, and sell digital horses. Each has its own set of unique codes, hidden from users to add more real unknown factors.

If you don’t like horses, then there are Avegoc, It is just like the updated Tamagotchi, created only for cryptocurrency generation. Users can buy and take care of their avatars as they did in the 90s.

After reading all of this, it is obvious that digital pets can always provide us with something. They represent the company, otherwise we might not. They train us to take care of the needs of other lives. This is a kind of enjoyment that we will soon invite into our lives. The many brightly colored fish in my virtual aquarium prove that they provide things that cannot be achieved in real life.

I am satisfied with this, I know that my fish is doing very well, so I turned off my iPad and can finally sleep.

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