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Emojics is a powerful tool to collect, analyze and store sentiment interaction of users. Based on the data collected the tool can increase user’s engagement, generate more leads and more. Emojis are a ubiquitous medium for expressing how we feel. They’re the perfect language for companies to capture user feedback without being intrusive.

Emojics Lifetime Offer

Emojics Overview

You can install Emojics for free and get results in a matter of minutes. Let your users give feedback anywhere, anytime. The fastest way to engage with your users and learn from them. Allow your users to give you an easy and fast way useful feedback. Transform users feedback into intelligent data to drive product strategy. Find which content is organically driving you more traffic and increasing your ROI.


Emojics Reviews

I’ve been using Emojics for a couple of months now and saw a spike on users engagement on pages where I enabled the widget. It encourages users to take an action in a simple and intuitive way and brings them one step closer to my brand. The lead capturing feature is particularly effective.

Even tho I haven’t collected statistically relevant data, I’m testing out new topics and content ideas based on the analytics.

Big fan of the UX, really easy to enable and use. Emjics WordPress Plugin is available for WordPress bloggers.

Emojics Pricing

For a limited time, PitchGround offers Emojisc lifetime deal for $49. This is only available for a limited time. The deal will expire on 9th February 2019.

Emojics Lifetime Offer

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