Elan Voyager Folding Snowboard Evaluation: Convenient Implementation


The most single The annoying aspect of owning a snowboard is to transport a pair of 1.7-meter long planks with sharp metal edges onto the slope, without distracting yourself, the snowboard, innocent bystanders, your clothes, car, traveling passengers, or you The general etiquette caused damage.

The simple fact is that most of us live not far from mountain resorts. Although a lucky number may be close enough to drive to one, the rest of us were forced to choose trains or planes when we got the winter sports fix. For skiers who are serious about avoiding rental options, this means moving those bulky planks.

It’s almost universal to hate carrying snowboards with you. Larry David He even joked that he came up with a solution. However, although his idea of ​​skis “twisted together like a billiard cue” seems absurd, the Slovenian brand Elan, with 75 years of ski manufacturing experience, has given up its new products very seriously and made some very similar ones. matter. Ski trip. These are the world’s first all-mountain skis, which can be folded in half when you are not using them.

Now, this is no small matter. So far, mountain skis are a solid, complete plank, because integrity and flexibility are an important part of their work. If you start cutting them in half, and then glue a hinge that is essentially an elaborate hinge in the middle, all kinds of things will go wrong when you are halfway through the realm of a big shot. It is unlikely that any of them will be welcomed.

Fortunately, Elan has matured in ski innovation. In 1993, it manufactured SCX, or “SideCut eXtreme”. Instead of going straight down, SCX skis are narrower in the middle and wider at the ends, allowing elegant, fast, and fast turns.These easy-to-ride “sculpted” skis are huge At that time, great progress was made in fighting the loss of interest in skiing while attracting young people with snowboards. The sad mistake is that Elan did not apply for a patent for the design, so all other brands are free to copy it. And, boy, they did it.

Know when to fold them

Photography: Yilan

Longing not to make the same terrible mistake twice, 28 years later, Elan has not one but seven of these new patents. Awarded Voyager folds skis. How do they work? The ski is complete and then cut in half to ensure a perfect connection. Obviously, mass production of “half skis” will never work. Then four thick steel hinges are embedded in the center of each snowboard, making it the most important party technique-folding in half. The binding is integrated on a carbon fiber reinforced plastic board as part of the ski. Once unlocked, the board will rotate on a pivot to hold the two halves of the Voyager together. Then use a special clip to lock the rigid carbon plastic plate in place.


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