Dyson V8 Motorhead Origin Stick vacuum cleaner is now available

No one needs one A $250 vacuum cleaner, but a cordless vacuum cleaner does make life at home easier. Fiddling with the power cord entangled with furniture (and feet) can quickly get old, and cheap vacuum cleaners sometimes have trouble cleaning the carpet properly.That’s why we like Dyson’s powerful and flexible vacuum cleaner, But they are expensive. V8 Motorhead is an older model, but $130 off the list price, This is a great way to enter the life of a cordless vacuum cleaner.

The V8 has been replaced by a newer vacuum cleaner, but it is still much cheaper than the booster model. $500 Dyson V10. V8 is like all Dyson stick vacuum cleaners, it can be converted into a hand-held vacuum cleaner at the touch of a button, so you can say that it is like combining two vacuum cleaners into one. Target is usually priced at US$380, but the current promotional price reduces it to US$250. Target said the sale will end on Saturday.

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Is V8 Motorhead Origin right for you?

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I recommend V8 as our best budget choice Guide to the best Dyson vacuum cleaner Because I put it on hardwood floors and thick carpets, it almost always gets dust and debris on the first pass.Yes, the more expensive and newer Dyson has more powerful motors and Fancy dust scanning function, But V8 offers similar performance for less money.

V8 Motorhead Origin can run for up to 40 minutes on a single charge, weighs only over 5 pounds, and adopts a modular design.You can remove the large electric floor cleaning head and use the included Combination tool accessories You can get a narrower point with just the push of a button. It also comes with a charger and wall mount, so you can hang it on a dry wall.

The disadvantage of the Motorhead Origin version of V8 is that it if only Comes with these two accessories. They are the most useful, but you have to pay for anything else.For example, the crevice tool is suitable for narrow spaces, the standard Dyson V8 Motorhead includes it; you can grab it Buy now from eBay for an extra $30.

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