“Dragon Ball Fighter Z” and the elusive anime adaptation art

This part is done aesthetically. The design in Dragon Ball is iconic. The sharp-haired, strong Goku and his friends usually look like shorthands of ordinary anime actors. Dragon Ball Warrior ZThe 2.5D graphics look like an anime battle you happen to be controlling. This is at least nostalgic comfort. Even if you are not particularly talented, you can quickly immerse yourself in it. like this, Warrior Z Almost become a playable fan fiction.

When starting to exercise, it is an exciting exercise. “I think one of the big things people like in dragon ball fighting games is that they make you think it’s really cool to play them,” said Vineeth Meka, a finalist Dragon Ball Warrior Z World Tour event.Meka grew up on Dragon Ball and can be found On YouTube channel The name of Bandai Namco Esports is Apologyman. “So it’s cool that Arc System Works is a fighting game developer that makes excellent anime fighting games. Accepted this challenge and made a dragon ball fighting game that makes you feel as powerful as a dragon ball character in a 2D space. .”

Nate Ming, who has spent nearly three years enjoying the atmosphere of the series, agrees: “Warrior Z The feeling of Dragon Ball is just right. “As a fighting game fan, when you put in enough time, it turns into something that is both easy to learn and complex. “Although in the game, it’s easy to execute cool things,” Meka said, “If you really If you study it in depth, it will have a lot of complexity and depth. “

Those “cool things” come in the form of explosive animation attacks, such as Goku’s classic Kamehameha, Piccolo’s special beam cannon, and Vegeta’s big bang attack, all of which are made by Development zoneContinuously expand the lineup.The team behind Dragon Ball Warrior Z I have been very good at creating and releasing post-release character content, especially the form of new characters. The ever-expanding lineup keeps fans coming back. Whether it’s Broly (a classic form or based on his appearance in global hits) Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie), the classic mainstay Master Roshi, or one of the six available incarnations of Wukong, the distribution keeps players alert.picture Super smash bro, You can leave temporarily, wait for the character to be added, and then come back to see how your favorite new combatant handles it.

Writers Dragon Ball Warrior Z I have gained an in-depth understanding of the specific aspects of this franchise that fans have been paying attention to for nearly 40 years. The plot is divided into three parts, a hurried character, death, constant duel and the aftermath of the end of the world.In short, it is a Dragon Ball Z Story arc.Humor, reference and attention to detail can also be placed Warrior Z In other established anime storylines.

Photo: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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