Don’t expect the new PS5 or Ebike to arrive before the holidays

MC: OK. What exactly is going on? Wheel of time.

As: It’s been a while. This is another “one” story. Just like the end of the world, there is a reborn guy, we must find him, we must find him. So I just summed up all 14 books for you and like to spoil it, I’m kidding. This is its general point. I believe there are some commenters who want to clarify these points, but that’s basically it, there are many other things like robes.

MC: When will the Amazon series be released? For example, how much time do I have? Because it takes about eight years to read a book.

As: So it will be listed on November 19th, and many people are very excited about it.

MC: not enough time. You should tell me this in January.

As: Sorry, I didn’t let you know the latest situation.

MC: OK. The Wheel of Time books.

As: Rosamund Pike in the trailer! She looks great. This would be great.

MC: The Wheel of Time Book. Thank you. Reading list assignments. Lauren, do you have any suggestions?

As: All 14. I will be satisfied with any less.

MC: Lauren, do you have any suggestions?

LG: My suggestion is, I don’t think it is as interesting as Adrienne’s, but it is still very good.This is Lincoln——

MC: Yes, what could be more interesting than reading 14 books a week?

LG: I recommend Lincoln Miniseries. I am a little behind. It first aired on CNN last winter in the winter of 2021. Now it can be used on HBO Max. Everything is on HBO Max, man, I like HBO Max. It’s fun to think about it. This is just a small side note. If you want, it’s a bit tangent. Think about the renaming of HBO Max not long ago. We were all thinking, what are they doing? It’s terrible, what’s wrong with Go? It’s Max now. Is there HBO Min? what is this? Then the application interface is really bad. Just like you want to watch HBO Max on the iPad, good luck.

But they now have all the good things, all the series, they have succession And movies dune,anyway.So now i have been watching this Lincoln Miniseries, this is a six-part series about President Abraham Lincoln. This is good; as described by Sterling K. Brown. It has some unprecedented images and information. One thing-what is it called? History repeats itself, where you see the actor a little vaguely, like a tall black-haired man in the background should be Lincoln. But many historians have contributed to it, which is very interesting.

Really, I think, what should I say, in our modern society, I think we tend to be a little obsessed with classifying people into heroes or villains, but actually the most compelling or extremely successful or powerful people This is more subtle and complicated. I think Lincoln must fall into this category. It re-examines the idea that people think he is a staunch abolitionist, which is actually more complicated than that. So I only watched the third episode, but I really like it so far, I might watch the whole thing.So i suggest watching Lincoln Miniseries on HBO Max.

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