Convert MOV videos to MP4 conveniently with Movavi Video Converter

Convert MOV to MP4

Do you want to share your travel videos in your Mac system with your buddies? That’s cool. But Apple supports MOV format which is not exactly supported by other operating systems. So, if you have to share your video with non-Mac users, you will need to convert the MOV files in a largely supported format- say MP4. But, how to convert MOV to MP4? Well, don’t stress out as Movavi Video Converter is all that you will need here. Yes, there are other converter programs around but the Movavi software is way simpler to use and also promises more premium conversion.

Convert MOV to MP4

Let’s check how easily you can convert your MOV videos to MP4 with Movavi Video Converter.

Step 1

First, you will download & install the Movavi Video Converter on your system.

Step 2

In the next step, you will have to add your video to the converter program. Click on Add Media and select Add Video. It will help you to locate and bring the MOV video to the Movavi program window. Click Open to upload it.

Step 3

Movavi Video Converter also supports video editing. So, if you think you need to polish up your video further, you can do that easily with the Movavi program. Just click on Edit tab and different editing features will open up before you.

Do you think your video is marred by some shaky clips? Not to worry as the Stabilization tab will help you to fix the shaky nature of those clips. Then you have Adjustments tab that will enable you to take care of various parameters like saturation, contrast, brightness and so on. Otherwise, there are tools like Trim, Crop or Rotate to cut out unwanted parts from your video or rotate the clips.

If you want to adjust the soundtrack of the video, go to Audio tab.

Step 4

Click on the Video tab and locate the desired MP4 preset.

Step 5

Click on Convert tab to begin the conversion process. After the conversion is over, the converted file will be automatically saved in the Movavi library.

Features of Movavi Video Converter:

  • Ability to convert video, audio and images
  • Supports over 180 media formats and more than 200 mobile presets
  • Super speedy conversion with no loss of video quality
  • Performs basic video and audio editing functions like trimming or joining of files, adjustment of sound level and so on

Useful tips for users:

If your MOV files are too large they may create issues if you share the video on mobile phones. Thus, it’s better to shrink the video with Movavi Video Converter. Simply click on file size value that’s displayed in output information. A dialog box will come up. You will just need to enter the preferred quality, size & bitrate on the box with the given slider. Then, click on Apply and the converter program will reduce the file size.

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