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FIXD Reviews

Where to Buy FIXD: Without any doubt, the car is one of the most wanted vehicles in this world. The invention of cars changed many lives for sure and now it became one of our favorite day-to-day usage things. What if I tell you, your car is trying to talk with you all the time but you are not giving a damn to listen to it?

FIXD Reviews

Wondering! Yes, your car is always trying to talk with you to update you about its conditions, but we humans don’t have time to listen to them. Here comes the handy tool the FIXD that allows you to monitor the real-time updates about the health of your car.

With the help of OBD II Sensor and FIXD App now you can get real-time updates about your car’s health in less than a few minutes and avoid spending $1000’s in your car maintenance. The usage of FIXD will at least reduce your car health monitor expenses by at least 400 times for a year.

What is FIXD?

  • FIXD consists of the the FIXD Vehicle Sensor and the FIXD App.
  • FIXD works with any car sold in the United States since 1996.
  • The FIXD Vehicle Sensor plugs directly into your car’s dash, into the OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics-II) port.
  • The FIXD Vehicle Sensor connects via Bluetooth to the FIXD App on your smartphone.
  • Leave the sensor plugged in and every time you get in the car, FIXD is ready to translate what your car is trying to tell you.
  • FIXD tells you what is wrong with your car and what it means to you.

Does FIXD Really Work?

FIXD system uses a mobile application and OBD II sensor to catch the real-time updates about your car health. So this is one of the best real-time car health monitors in the market so far. FIXD helps owners and drivers better understand and maintain their vehicles.

How does FIXD Work

Awesome thing is, it works not only on the car but also on multiple vehicles. FIXD simply translates what your car is trying to tell you in the easy terms. The app is made as most informative in simple language, so no need to care about technical stuff.

Where to Buy FIXD Online?

FIXD is now available to buy on most popular e-commerce websites as well as FIXD Official website. Search for FIXD Amazon, FIXD Walmart, FIXD Ebay and FIXD BestBuy to buy it from those sites.

But we recommend you to buy FIXD online from the official website as they give you nice offer for a limited time,

FIXD Reviews

FIXD Reviews

FIXD is getting a good number of positive reviews from the very beginning of the release. This was started as a project in September 2014 and the team created a campaign in the Kickstart website. As of October 2017, more than 750 backers pledged $37,747 to help bring this FIXD project to life.

The idea for FIXD came out of a conversation one of our founders had with his mother.

“A few months ago my mom called me because a light came on in her car’s dash and she had no idea what it meant. Luckily, I was able to help her diagnose the car remotely, and it turns out the problem was a malfunction in the airbag system. My mother’s life was in danger, but because that light was so vague, she had no idea. Her car was talking to her, but she wasn’t able to listen.” -John

But this story doesn’t just apply to John’s mom. We have all been there. You are driving along and your check engine light comes on, but what does this light really mean? In reality that one little light can mean over 7000 different things.


We are building FIXD to make your car more accessible to you. We want to take the guesswork out of maintaining your car. We want to give you confidence when dealing with repair shops. We want to give you peace of mind over all the cars that you own. We want you to turn to FIXD when you are having car troubles.

FIXD Risks and challenges

Risk 1: Our current hardware only works with Android, so there is the potential for delays in developing the new hardware for use with iPhone. (Update: Now FIXD app is available for iPhone as well)

Risk 2: In the development of any app, there is a potential for delays. We have tried to pad our schedule to allow for the unforseen, but there is always a chance of product development taking longer than we expected.

Risk 3: When dealing with manufacturers there is the potential for delay.

Buy FIXD Now at Offer Price (Discount & Best Price)

FIXD Pricing comes with 3 plans. Buy 1 FIXD sensor at retail price $59 free shipping to the U.S with 30-days money back guarantee (or) Buy 2 FIXD Sensors, Buy 1 and get 1 with 50% Offer for $88. If you have multiple cars or other vehicles to track, then go with option 3 as they offer Buy 2 and get 1 for free which costs $118.

FIXD Reviews

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