“Biomutant” and “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart” are the epitome of the game budget gap

See this summer Two games featuring talking fox-shaped creatures are released. Biological mutants, The first game from the Swedish studio Experiment 101 has Found the audience, Although not someone who might praise the game Not qualified. Ratchet and Clank: Rift ValleyIt is the latest work in the video game series of the American studio Insomniac Games in the past two years. It performed much better. Commercial with Critically-As expected from a technically impressive version supported by major publishers. It’s a coincidence that both games feature furry mutant heroes as the protagonists, although these two games have a dialogue between the two games, and in the process showed how the game was made with significantly different budgets and audience expectations. difference.

Biological mutants

Provided by Experiment 101

exist Biological mutants, The player is portrayed as a weird creature whose limbs do not match, and it evolves into a seemingly unfinished coherent form. Depending on the customization options, it may have big furry cat ears, small eyes, and lower jaw; one arm may emit an angry red color to indicate resistance to fire, while the other arm is bandaged and held in one hand A rusty revolver.exist Rift Valley Apartments, The player controls a pair of two-footed foxes named Lombaxes. One of them, the ratchet in name, is a guy with wide eyes, floppy ears and yellow fur. The other is Rivet, a girl with big eyes and loose ears with blue fur. They are all perfectly formed, and their designs are iterated and displayed at pixel-perfect resolution to ensure that they form an eye-catching outline in the game and on promotional images.Their cartoon features are arranged in such a way that they look cute and expressive without becoming Unintentionally offensive In progress. Their guns are shiny.

although Biological mutants with Rift Valley Apartments It’s a different type of game-the former is a fairly open role-playing game that emphasizes the player’s freedom of choice, while the latter is a series of action-intensive levels with a pre-determined storyline-they will be released within a few weeks of each other and Their common goal is to attract a wide range of people, rather than the usual audience over the age of 18 for most blockbuster games, which illustrates a noteworthy split in the mainstream media.

Biological mutants Broadly speaking, it’s a bit messy. Its world is usually viewed in a way of green fields sprouting in a cool spring, which is wonderful, but the player interacts with the environment by running from one mission mark to another, using all two pillowcases The weight that collides with each other in the dryer. Its story eventually becomes a set of amorphous (literally) black and white moral choices, between the dark “evil” and the glowing “good” characters, which appear next to the text box to illustrate cruelty or holiness s Choice. After choosing to forgive or murder the enemy, attack the newly released prisoners, or send them away, the karma meter moves from side to side. In the end, these decisions ended in a watery, memorable conclusion. The edges are very rough. But it is also clearly itself. There are many stylistic choices that may not be as effective as they should be-its characters speak in cute sentence fragments that are not appropriate, as if they are confused about whether they are talking succinctly and punctuation. The stubborn criminals in Cormac McCarthy’s novels Dialogue or fill the pages of a children’s story book. But with its stupid animal characters and persistent environmentalist messages, it has also been uniquely promoted in its quirky sense of purpose.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Valley

Offered by Insomniac Games

Rift Valley ApartmentsOn the other hand, its design is so meticulous that it makes people feel that it is completely formed from the sugary skull of a humorous, cartoonish 10-year-old child. It is also colorful and full of life.But, unlike Biological mutants, It shows its creator’s experience in refining the physical fitness of interactive cartoon characters into tangible things-the cheerful jingle of collection bolts enters the character’s body, and the character’s feet are felt through the PlayStation 5’s vibration controller in the metal channel The ratchet or Rivet’s ears bounced off the railing or platform and flew across the sky. Every hour of moving on its unique theme planet feels like eating a handful of penny candies without the accompanying stomachache. In short, this is a very beautiful and well-made game.

However, for all these qualities, Rift Valley ApartmentsThe story is better than Biological mutantsThe implementation of the theme is not balanced but passionately expressed.Where Biological mutants I spent a dozen hours telling a fantasy children’s story about the devastating effects of corporate-led climate damage. Rift Valley Apartments Put the same amount of time into more intimate narratives about established families—discover connections outside of places you always know, and embrace change in an adventurous spirit rather than a fearful spirit. This is also valuable information, although it seems meaningless compared to the more specific issues of the Environmental Revelation.

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