Biden offers a $10 million reward for foreign hackers

German regulatory agency ready Block one of the largest pornographic websites in the world, According to the report of our colleagues at WIRED UK. The country has recently implemented age verification checks on adult websites, some of which have not yet been implemented. Blocking must be performed by ISPs and mobile data providers, and if these are involved, they may try to fight the order in court.

This week, a more radical form of Internet censorship Cuba, because the authorities interrupted access to major social media and messaging platforms Face the ongoing civil unrest like Facebook and WhatsApp. Like Iran, China, and other oppressive regimes, Cuba has centralized control over the Internet, which means it can block specific websites or wholesale access at will. This is an increasingly common technology, supported by the continued fragmentation of the Internet.

When companies all over the world are struggling to cope The continuing ransomware disaster, Let’s see how Hackers are increasingly turning to IT management software To launch a large-scale attack.Zero day is also still very popular, including Russia’s Cozy Bear used one to target the iPhone In the recently discovered activity.And old-fashioned good Catfish is still very popular, especially for Iran, Facebook (again) discovered that it was trying to deceive targets in high-value industries with fake accounts.The good news is Biden has a cybersecurity all-star team. The trickier part is figuring out how they work together.

The good guy hackers also had a productive week, demonstrating how they can trick third-party webcams into making them Bypass the facial recognition of Windows Hello. Microsoft has solved this problem. WhatsApp finally solved the long-standing frustration of users Enable multi-device use No need to route everything through the phone.

Don’t forget to set aside a little time this weekend to make sure your Internet search is private and safe.

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No A simple solution to the scourge of global ransomwareBut the Biden administration has taken at least some positive measures, including offering up to $10 million in new rewards in exchange for information about criminal hackers targeting US infrastructure. The Ministry of Justice will establish a system to report tips on the dark web and express its willingness to pay informants in cryptocurrency.

Last week, REvil successfully targeted more than 1,000 companies in a historic ransomware campaign. This week, the group’s operations have been offline. There are several possibilities here. The Ministry of Justice may have confiscated REvil’s servers, or Russia may finally have done some law enforcement. (Well, it might not be that way.) However, the most likely scenario is that REvil simply packs it up in front of unpopular review. However, don’t expect them to disappear forever; once the pressure subsides, these groups usually just rename and reappear. But at the same time, the victims were unable to pay the ransom and restore their systems.

We talked about the Balkanization of the Internet before, and China’s Great Firewall is the most prominent example. This week, researchers provided new insights into the extent of the company’s blockade. Not only did it deny access to approximately 311,000 of the 534 million tested domains, approximately 41,000 of them appeared to be accidentally blocked. Approximately 1,800 censored websites are among the 100,000 most visited websites on the web.

The Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto released a report this week, combined with a Microsoft investigation, which showed that spyware from a company called Candiru has been used to target at least 100 activists, journalists, and different activists in 10 countries. Politicians and politicians. What is disturbing is that authoritarian regimes are increasingly using surveillance software from shady companies to suppress dissent.

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