Bicycle packing equipment guide (2021): tent, clothes, frame bag, food, water


Bicycle computer: go with Oahu element bolt (Wahoo USD 280). Wahoo’s updated bike computer is a very intuitive companion. It is slightly larger than a pack of dental floss and can be installed inconspicuously on your handlebars. This waterproof device-and thanks to the Gorilla Glass screen, which is almost collision-resistant-the device is equipped with a new 64-color high-contrast screen and expanded navigation capabilities. Wahoo also added a battery to provide 15 hours of runtime and increased the onboard memory to 16GB, which means you can preload as many maps as possible. When paired with the Wahoo Elemnt mobile app, riders can customize their data screen, synchronize routes between computers and analyze their ride data.

Advance accommodation

Occasionally staying overnight in a hotel or surfing on the sofa with friends is great, but it is also great to be prepared for those days when you would rather sleep under the stars.


“The debate between ultralight tents and camping and hammocks is endless,” Kershaw said. You can set up a hammock between two trees. Simple camping (ultra-small shelter) is the easy choice because you don’t have to deal with telephone poles, but Kershaw says that if you want a dry place to read, you should consider using Ultralight tent at night.

For minimalists, we like Rab Ridge Raider Bivi ($375 from Rab), a single campsite where you can sleep anywhere-even in the ditch if you have to. You have to squeeze yourself inside, it fits well, but its Pertex shell gives you a dry, breathable, and safe sleeping hideout. There is only a head hoop and a micro rod under the feet, which can prevent morning dew from falling off the sleeping bag, and the installation time is less than five minutes. It weighs less than 2 pounds, can be compressed to the size of a stuffed Chipotle burrito, and is essential equipment for those who want to be as simple as possible.

Those who desire more luxury should try SeaToSummit Telos TR2 (SeaToSummit USD 499). This two-person, three-season, two-door backpack tent has a unique pole system; the pole in the middle bends outwards in the opposite direction, like the wings of a butterfly, so at its apex, the tent becomes spacious enough to almost allow One person stands completely upright. The package weight of 3 pounds and 7 ounces is only peanuts, but through innovatively designed segmented bags, the tent can be distributed between two bicycles. The floor area is 28 square feet, and the front hall area is 19.5 square feet. The ratio of weight to footprint is exemplary, especially when you need to spread out and dry items after a long and humid day in the rain.

This is a package

When it comes to sleeping bags, Kershaw’s suggestion is to find a sleeping bag and cushion that can compress and keep warm. “Go into battle as lightly as you want,” Kershaw said. “There are various temperature ranges.” Some experienced riders only bring a tarp and wrap themselves in it like a burrito. However, if this is your first bicycle trip, we recommend that you absorb the extra weight of the bag and cushion.

Kelty’s Cosmic Ultra down jacket 20 sleeping bag(Kelty 200 USD and above, 200 USD and above on Is already a very ideal choice, but this year Kelty increased the down filling from 600 to 800, changed the rectangular baffle to a trapezoidal baffle to keep more heat, and added a soft taffeta lining. The upgrade to last year’s model reduced the weight by a few ounces (now the male model weighs 2.4 pounds and the female model weighs 2.9 pounds) and added a cost of $40, but I find the added comfort is worth the extra money.


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