Best Quiz Applications For Android

Quiz App for android

Quiz applications have changed the trend of being a smart person. One can easily become mature by answering to few of quizzes questions. If You are one of them who loves to play the quiz on the daily basis and want to increase the eligibility and memory power of their mind. Well, Quiz applications have done this job well. Quizzes Like: Who wants to be the millionaire, KBC Etc are too much popular not only they help to increase the general knowledge of specific person but it also helps you to increase your general awareness about your own country.

Especially, If You are working towards any competitive exam, Then these quizzes questions is a life saver for you. Well, let’s come into the main part and the topic of this article which is What are the best Quiz applications for android? Well, We have added 3 Best Quiz applications for your smartphone from which not only you can increase your general awareness as well as you can spend your free time too.

Quiz App for android

Best Quiz Applications For Android:

Before continue, Ask Yourself whether you are serious or just want to play for a Timepass as Trust me if you take these applications seriously towards your learning then you can expect a good career in future. Rest, good luck.

●     Quizoid: Free Trivia w General Knowledge Questions

Quizoid is one of the most Popular Quiz Application from the Habanero Quiz Apps Developer in the Google Play store. It provides You free access for various quiz games so you can easily play them on your android phone while traveling, walking or anything. One of the best parts of this application is Its Fast Loading application and the size of the application is also less.

●     Kahoot: Turn Your Learning into Gameplay

Yes, According to the tagline you can easily turn your learning into the gameplay in Quiz format also. You can get Kahoot and start preparing for the quiz challenges which is given to you by the application. Before that You have to Do Kahoot login for playing the games. If You are a Teacher then You can also use Your Kahoot Teacher Sign in Option.

●     HQ Trivia:

It features a game show style unlike anything else on this list. That includes a real host that asks you questions live at certain times of the day. Its one of the most popular quiz application in 2018. Those who have answered the questions in applications if correct then they are pass if wrong then they have to try again. If You Prefer the Live Host as a Good Feature then HQ Trivia is For You.

Final words:

Finding a Better Quiz application is not easy at all, Because some applications just provide normal quizzes which a child can easily able to solve it. Anyway, We have added some of the Best Quiz applications do let us know if you have questions and you want to ask us. You can leave your question in the below comments section.

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