Armadillos besiege a small town in North Carolina

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In the darkness, Jason Brad deftly lifted his rifle and aimed it at the target. “This looks like one!” he muttered to himself. It turned out to be a fuse box. The other candidate aimed his gun again, showing that he was a stone.

In this town surrounded by armadillos, anything resembling the armored nemesis is suspected.

Brad, an amiable man in a camouflage shirt, with a loud voice and an amazing beard. In his idyllic corner of the west, he has never seen an armadillo. North Carolina Fifteen of them were killed last year. In the past two weeks alone, he has sent eight animals.

The homeowners were upset that their lawns were being torn up by new mammals, and initially regarded Brad as a kind of armadillo bounty hunter, giving him $100 for every corpse produced. But the armadillo has caused so much damage to gardening that dozens of people in and around Sapphire City, North Carolina, now leave Brad at home, allowing him to wander around their property at night with weapons , I hope to shoot criminals.

The task is learned in a hurry at work. The standard .22 rifle that Brad used on the first armadillo didn’t seem to kill them completely. One of the creatures leaped away with a weird, kangaroo-like jump, leaving a shocked Brad waving. Armadillos emit a fertile gray at night, which is a light absorbed by their bodies, not their eyes.

“It’s like hunting aliens,” said Brad, who is more accustomed to hunting wild boars. “We don’t know anything about them. We can’t seem to kill them easily. They appeared unexpectedly. Their numbers have just exploded.”

Spotted armadillo In North Carolina, it was inconsistent at first. For more than two decades, this creature has been a mammal in Texas, accustomed to the heat of baking in a dry and flat state. There, they are often seen as road killers, or are required to gallop on 40-foot tracks during kart events.

Armadillo meat is consumed in Central America and less consumed in the United States. In Texas during the Great Depression, it was called “Poor People’s Pork” and was contaminated by the species’ link to leprosy.

At the same time, Sapphire is located in the towering Blue Ridge Mountains 800 miles away. It is part of a scenic plateau, and the amount of precipitation is so high that it forms a temperate rain forest, with dense moss covering the ground and rocks, as well as towering firs and spruces. In the fall, the area presents brilliant red and orange autumn tones. There is even a small ski resort in the area.

When seeing the first armadillo here in 2019, Brad received a call. “I just don’t believe it,” he said. “I thought that woman had a problem with possums and alcoholism.” But within a year, Brad spent his night at the local golf course, racing from hole to hole on the golf cart. Killing an armadillo on the green is like a cross between Tiger Woods and David Crockett.

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