AppSumo Deals for February – SocialBee, LessChurn, Awario, Tallyfy, Yodel, Conversific Review

AppSumo Deals: As like every month, AppSumo, one of the biggest product deals for Entrepreneur comes up with some good and quality stuffs this February 2nd week. As of 14th February, the list of deals contains, SocialBee Accelerator Plan, LessChurn, Awario Premium and Standard Plan, Tallyfy, Yodel and Conversific lifetime products are available in the range of $39 to $49. All these tools usually cost more than $50 per month and AppSumo offers lifetime version of these tools for a fixed price which is available only for a next few days.

Coming to the tools, SocialBee Review, LessChurn Review, Awario Review, Tallyfy Review, Yodel Review and Conversific review are looking so great so far and these are the must-have and go to tools for any entrepreneurs in their corresponding field. Here is the quick use of each AppSumo tools which are available this week for sale.

SocialBee Review

SocialBee is an all-in-one social media tool that allows users to schedule posts, grow an audience, and engage with followers. With SocialBee’s engagement, you can send automated mentions and messages, personalized messages with follower details, and targeted mentions using the same filters as you used to follow people.

The tool only costs $49 (Lifetime) for a limited time whereas the original cost is $1000+ every year.

SocialBee AppSumo Deal

LessChurn Review

LessChurn reduces churn and increases revenue by giving customers that are on their way out a reason to stay. LessChurn provides a fully customizable form, which you can embed in your app or site wherever account deletion happens.

The tools cost $49 (Lifetime) for a limited time whereas the original cost is around $500+ every year.

LessChurn AppSumo Deal

Awario Review

Appsumo offers two different Awario plans. The one is Awario Premium Plan and the other one is Awario Standard plan. Awario is a monitoring app that notifies you when people are talking about your brand, product, or service across the entire Web.

Awario Premium Plan costs $99 and Standard Plan costs $49 only.

Awario AppSumo Deal

Tallyfy Review

Tallyfy is a workflow software that helps businesses track tasks, run approval workflows, and manage processes in real time. Tallyfy is also building awesome plugins and add-ons for Outlook and Gmail. (These plug-ins are currently being tested, but they’ll be coming your way soon!)

Tallyfy is available just for $39 Lifetime.

Tallyfy AppSumo Deal

Yodel Review

Yodel streamlines customer communication by allowing your business to make and receive phone calls directly from Slack – without any additional software. Yodel lets you create custom greetings, take calls on browser or mobile, play music while customers are on hold, and receive voicemails which are transcribed and shown directly in your Slack.

Yodel is available for $49 (Lifetime)

Yodel AppSumo Deal

Conversific Review

Conversific is a first of its kind business intelligence platform for Shopify and Woo Commerce that analyzes data and shows users how to optimize various areas of their business. Lifetime access right now for only $49.

Conversific AppSumo Deal

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