AppSumo Briefcase & AppSumo Deals Review – July Offers

AppSumo Deals

AppSumo Deals: AppSumo has launched many new deals for this month. Some of them are AdSoup, CloudApp, TrackingDesk, NoteJoy. They also have some other lifetime deals like Clickminded, GoPinLeads and some other awesome lifetime versions.

AdSoup AppSumo Deal

Adsoup is a powerful tool that brings all of your FB Page’sMessenger, WhatsApp, Line, email, Live Chat, and Twitter conversations directly into your CRM and business reporting.

AdSoup is a powerful sales relations tool that marries all of your streams of conversations into one single platform. Instead of switching from chat box to email, to DM, and social platform-to-social platform, just connect all of your accounts, and manage everything from the AdSoup dashboard. In addition to that, AdSoup even has CRM functionality that lets you track stages, manage tasks, share leads, add notes and more. This lets you streamline your sales process and focus on relationship building rather than hunting down conversations.

Buy AdSoup AppSumo Lifetime access for $49

CloudApp AppSumo Deal

CloudApp is an easy-to-use screen recorder that creates screenshots, gifs, and videos so you can communicate effectively.

CloudApp is trusted by over 2 million professionals! With CloudApp’s suite of visual tools you can communicate much more effectively with customers, prospects and employees. Explain product features over 300% faster with GIFs. Show workflows with video recordings and save time. Give and get feedback with annotated images. This deal is about to expire soon.

Buy CloudApp AppSumo Lifetime access for $39

TrackingDesk AppSumo Deal

TrackingDesk is a universal translator and marketing hub for data generated during your visitors’ journey.

As a digital marketer, it’s a challenge tracking conversions from the initial point of touch. TrackingDesk solves this by giving you the ability to track and attribute conversions across ad networks, landing pages, funnels, and affiliate networks. This means if a customer goes through a Facebook Ad, then your emailing list, and then your affiliate link, you’ll be able to track that and even fire back those conversions to the original traffic source.

Buy TrackingDesk AppSumo Lifetime access for $49

NoteJoy AppSumo Deal

Notejoy is a collaboration tool that helps organizations easily discover, capture, and share ideas.

Notejoy helps you more easily collaborate with your team members. Notejoy lets you create documents in a single, streamlined, and easy-to-use interface that makes documents extremely easy to share with teams–both inside and outside your organization. Notejoy is equipped with integrations that let you import/export notes or documents from Microsoft Office, Slack, Google Drive, and Trello. Hold discussions right within documents and collaborate with ease with Notejoy!

Buy NoteJoy AppSumo Lifetime access for $49

AppSumo Briefcase Review

For Entrepreneurs, and for those who need so many tools to run their online business, AppSumo Briefcase is a great deal. In this AppSumo Briefcase package, you get access to more than 50 tools and they are also adding tools periodically. You get access to all the tools and no need to buy separately in AppSumo every month.

Buy AppSumo Briefcase with Discount

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