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a year ago This seems unfathomable: during the Memorial Day holiday, a movie made a good premiere weekend at the North American box office. 15 months later Coronavirus disease Theater closures, postponement of release dates, and general anxiety about the future of movies, Quiet place part two Yes Expected to introduce North of 57 million U.S. dollars.This is the most produced of any film during the pandemic Far more than the Last record holder: Godzilla vs. King Kong, It made $32 million in March.

To be clear, $57 million is not something Hollywood insiders would definitely call “boffo”-the opening ceremony of the previous Memorial Day weekend has exceeded $100 million. But in the past year and changes, as theater chains are facing bankruptcy, dozens of movie lovers have met their needs through a large number of streaming services, people are really worried about whether to go to the theater, because it has existed for a century and will survive. Quiet place part twoThe opening shows that it is possible.

2018 sequel quiet place Not the only bright spot. Disney’s Cruella de Vil origin story, Crura, Is also expected to earn more than $26 million in revenue over the four-day weekend-although this movie can also be used for Disney+ Subscribers need to pay an additional $30 fee. (In contrast, Disney’s live-action version Marlene Ficent: The evil mistress, Only released in theaters, during the opening weekend before the pandemic, it brought in 37 million U.S. dollars in revenue in the country. ) As the coronavirus pandemic continues into 2020, many studios choose to release blockbuster films on streaming platforms, and many people wonder if viewers will return to theaters when they can watch the same movies at home. CruraA humble but powerful opening statement shows that they will.

The big box office news came at a time when there was a glimmer of hope in the theater itself.Chain theater AMC theater Revealed on Monday It is raising approximately $230.5 million to acquire more theaters and expand its business.The company is facing Grim future At this time last year, it is now raising funds through the sale of its 8.5 million shares to Mudrick Capital Management, LP, and is considering buying locations previously held by ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres-a move that may give iconic film companies Come to the new vitality Cinerama Dome, as early as April, ArcLight said Will not reopen after Covid“With our increasing mobility, increasing vaccinated population, and upcoming blockbuster movies, it’s time for AMC to attack again,” the company’s CEO Adam Aron (Adam Aron) tell species.

Quiet place part two However, the signs of life from AMC are only the beginning. There is a lot of work to be done in the cinema and watching movies. Covid-19 has changed the way people live, and while it makes some of them (or at least me) yell at the theater experience, others may find that they are also happy to watch it at a Monday column species, Film writer Owen Gleiberman pointed out: “It is now clear that in the next year or even the next ten years, this situation will develop in a way that has reached the level of overheated culture wars. Go or not?” Graeberman concluded that last weekend proved that the love of going to the theater still exists, but nothing is certain in popular culture. Of course, this is the most prominent point. Uncertainty has always been one of the most common non-medical side effects of coronaviruses. It creates an unpredictable world—even, ironically, Crura.

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