Advantages of Using Monitors for PC Games

Monitors for PC Games

What are benefits of Monitors for Playing Video Games?

  1. Globally Used:-monitors or desktop computers are widely used across the world in the schools, homes, offices, government institutions – banks etc, to cater day to day work.
  2. Price of the Monitor:- 2. Price of the Monitor:-The best part of having gaming monitors is that they are less costly than laptops. You can easily buy your budgeted gaming monitor on huge discounts and offers from online portals- EBay and Amazon auctions. You will be surprised to know that you can get a good gaming monitor between the range of $1000 range or $1500. You can also find a gaming monitor in the range under 300$ or even under 150 dollars and some of them are really good ones for your HD game! You may opt for an affordable 144hz monitor for a great gaming experience as well.
  3. Easy to Update: – One of the best parts of using a gaming monitor is that you can easily update it; you can change any hardware part by yourself. This option is best for those who make gaming monitors themselves; they mostly update the system memory and install a graphic card and CPU while they make a monitor in order to transform a regular computer into a gaming monitor.
  4. Beneficial for health:-it is often seen that adults or children mostly get addicted to play games for hours and the best part of using a monitor to play games is that , the monitor is placed on the table and the user sits on the chair to play games, so the player is in a safer position always. While if they are playing in laptops then they might sit or lie down, this will harm the posture of the body.

Monitors for PC Games

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Disadvantages of the Gaming monitor for Playing PC Games

What are pitfalls of owning the Gamer monitors?

  1. Bulky: – the monitor cannot be portable as there are many parts of it as, the screen, mouse, CPU, keyboard and speakers; it’s very difficult to carry so many things from one place to another. People who have to travel a lot it is better that they use laptops instead of monitors for playing games.
  2. Need more space:-As it is already known that a monitor have numerous parts and there are many cables and wires connections which are required to fix them, so these set up needs a lot of space while laptop will only require a computer table to be placed on for using it.
  3. Consumes more power: – As the monitor is attached with many components and those components require different plug ins, which results in consumption of more power. While laptops consume less power as all the essential components are present inside the laptop and mostly laptop are build for energy saving. It is mostly seen that laptop does consume maximum 15-20 W of electricity.
  4. Requires Cooling:-Gaming on monitors requires the use of graphic card and processor, RAM and hard drive. In this regard the computer parts which intake high amount of power release immense amount of heat energy. So there is a requirement of cooling system to cool down the gaming drives. In today’s era you will find many liquid cooling devices with modern gaming monitors which can efficiently cool the computer case.

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