6 things you need to do to prevent being hacked

There are two The important reason why people are hacked. Software defects and human behavior defects.Although you can’t do anything about coding vulnerabilities, you can change Your own behavior and bad habits.

Ask former US President Donald Trump, his Twitter password is “maga2020!“Or Boris Johnson, he revealed the details Sensitive zoom call At the beginning of the 2020 pandemic. (These world leaders will also receive specific security training from the protection agency.)

The risks are equally real to ordinary people-even if the risks are not that high. If your account is not properly protected, your credit card may be stolen, or your private information and photos may be stolen and shared for everyone to see.Exercise if you Hacked account It is a time-consuming and potentially frustrating process. You’d better take some measures first to reduce the risk of being hacked. You can take the following measures to protect yourself.

Use multi-factor authentication

Arguably, the most effective thing you can do to protect your online account is to open Multi-factor or two-factor authentication As many accounts as possible. This method uses auxiliary information—usually a code generated by an app or sent via SMS—and a password.

This secondary piece of information helps prove that you are really trying to log in, because these codes are usually accessed from a mobile phone in your pocket. Even if you do have an easy-to-guess password (we will talk about it shortly), an attacker is unlikely to access an account with multi-factor authentication enabled unless they own your phone.

There is a guide for all accounts that support this method here, But first you should open it for all accounts that hold personal information that may be misused. Examples include messaging applications such as WhatsApp, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and your email account.

However, not all forms of multi-factor authentication are the same.Code generation applications are considered to be better than Get code via SMS,Besides, Physical security key Provide a stronger protective layer.

Get a password manager

Let’s talk about passwords. It is 2021. You should not use “password” or “12345” as any of your passwords-even if it is a one-time account.

All passwords you use for online accounts should be strong and unique. This really means that they should be very long, contain a mix of different character types, and cannot be used on multiple websites. Your Twitter password should not be the same as your online banking password; your home Wi-Fi network should not use the same credentials as your Amazon account.

The best way is to use Password managerThe password manager creates a strong password for you and stores it securely.The fact that if they can prevent you from being hacked is not enough to make you consider using one Password manager It also means that you no longer have to struggle to remember a forgotten password.

Through our test of the best password managers, we suggest you give it a try Last pass or Pass.

Learn how to spot phishing attacks

Quick click may be your worst enemy. When we receive a new email or text message that contains content that can be clicked or clicked, our intuition usually leads us to execute it immediately. do not.

Hackers use the pandemic as a cover to launch wave after wave of attacks Phishing attack with Stupid Google Drive scam.

Anyone can fall into these types of scams. The main thing to do is to think twice before clicking. Scam messages try to trick people into behaving in ways they don’t normally—for example, pretending to be an immediate request from the boss, or information that requires an urgent response.

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