6 best touch screen gloves (2021): heated, waterproof, knitted


The obvious way To prevent Jack Frost from biting your finger is to put on a pair of toast gloves. People have been wearing gloves for centuries, and the transition from gloves to individually wrapped fingers is the biggest upgrade ever. But traditional gloves cannot be used well with our smart phones. Of course, you may stab the touch screen uselessly before taking off your gloves and using the phone. But don’t you want to grab a good pair of touch screen gloves?

All of these gloves have some materials or fingertip technology for use with touch screens, but some are better than others. I tested each pair in this guide on my phone — I answered calls, browsed the web, and sent text messages — also considering comfort, grip, and warmth, using them in weather around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. These are our favorites.

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Adjust phone settings

There is a pair of touch screen gloves that can adapt to various situations, but before we delve into it, I strongly recommend that you increase the sensitivity of the touch screen of your mobile phone. That’s it:

On Android phone: go set up, system, language and input, Then Pointer speed, And then slide it to the maximum.Some Android phones also have Improve touch sensitivity You can find options in the display settings.

On iPhone: go set up, Barrier-free, Touch,then click 3D and tactile touch And adjust the slider to Light.

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