5 best portable espresso machines (2021)

Flair is the least portable of the devices reviewed here. It can indeed be packaged into a laptop-sized case about 2 inches thick, but it is heavy. However, it looked great on the kitchen counter between trips. Your loss in portability far exceeds the quality of espresso.

Flair signatures are easy to use.You can see very helpful in the process of the company Brewing video guideIt is also built like a jar, and cleaning is just a matter of pouring espresso and rinsing the filter.

To obtain the desired extraction effect, various grinding tests are required. Of course, the fresher the coffee, the better the effect.In other words, you can even use pre-ground espresso to achieve excellent results, such as gold medal.

Flair offers two other models: Classic and Signature Pro. The main difference is the size and material of the brewing head. If you are willing to give up stainless steel, the classic way of working is the same and should produce the same results.this Amazon Classic Edition sells for $165. this Signature Pro is priced at $325 And it is an improvement in construction quality.

Best for stove

9 Barista ($385)

Photo: 9Barista

Over the years, I have reviewed many gadgets, but few (if any) are as surprisingly original as 9Barista. This is the only stovetop espresso machine I know of, and it actually reaches 9 bar, which is the pressure required for real espresso.

The designer is a jet engineer and his background is shown in the internal structure. The dual-chamber design can collect boiling water until the pressure rises to 9 bar. At this point, the release valve opens and the water flows up the coil, cools slightly, then is pushed into the ground espresso, and finally into the cup. As a result, once you grind it correctly, it will be delicious. It produces a clean, smooth extract with a small amount of grease.

Portable is very flexible here-9Barista is well made, but it does weigh more than three pounds. It is perfect for small apartments with limited kitchen counter space, or for the motorhome trip you have been planning.

In addition to the price, the main disadvantage is that you have to wait for it to cool before you can open it to brew a second cup. At least you can grind and prepare coffee while you wait, saving some time. I found that with a little bit of cold water to speed up, I can brew in just a few minutes. Yes, it is expensive, but considering the quality of the construction and the materials involved, it does not feel outrageous.

Most unusual

Uniterra Nomad ($300)

Unitra Nomads

Photo: Uniterra Nomad

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