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Have you ever felt uneasiness while playing any FPS game due to gripping on the mouse? It often happens because your hand may not be able to make a firm grip on the mouse. It may be due to sweating, extended usage or any other reason. There is no best grip for playing. I can only tell you what type of grips are there and which grip is more suited to a particular type of game. It is entirely up to you to decide if you are comfortable with it or not To make gaming a lot easier for you, here’s a list of best fingertip grip for the gaming mouse.


This grip is the most popular grip among the common folks but least used among the hardcore gamers. The four fingers along with the thumb and palm stay in relaxed position. This type of grip is most used by the majority of people because this grip is not just limited to gamers. However, palm grip can be used to play slow paced games. One can play simple puzzle games or games which do not require physical nimbleness. Mouse controlled games with lazy activity controls can be easily dealt with a palm grip. The standard mouse can be easily used with a palm grip.

Gaming mouse


This grip is the second most used and favored grip by the gamers out there. Palm and fingers rest on the mouse in a claw-like shape. Since the contact points are lesser than palm grip, the user will be able to move the mouse with more agility and accuracy. Games with medium pace and action sequence can be played with this grip. Shorter mice are more suited to be used with this grip. As the mouse is short, the user has enough control over the gaming mouse that enables swift movements during games.


This grip is extensively used in the gamer community. The user maintains a minimum contact with the mouse surface. Most of the gaming mice are designed in such a way so that the gamer doesn’t have to put any effort in holding the mouse. Rapid movements, quick scroll, and swift button-press actions work like a charm with a fingertip grip over a gaming mouse. FPS and RTS games require constant adjustment of the mouse since the whole view is based on the cursor. One has to be very delicate and accurate while playing such games. Tip grip based mice are very light in weight and shorter in size so that the resistance offered can be reduced to a minimum.

Hence, These are the 3 Grips of a Gaming Mouse, You can choose the Best ones and If You want to Read a Review Then you can always read a Reviews of Gaming Mouse at Reviewbae.

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