26 best Nintendo Switch games for every player (2021)


Switch is Nintendo most A successful and influential system once. Carrying home console-quality gaming equipment with you has some unique features. However, figuring out what to play-as the roster of first-party and indie games gets deeper, this gets harder and harder every year.

Fortunately, there are many opinionated Nintendo fans among the “Wired” employees, and we worked together to compile a list of the best Switch games. We have listed digital versions of most of these games here, so make sure you have a spacious MicroSD card to store all your game files. (we Recommend this.) Please be sure to read our Switch tips and secrets, Favorite switch accessories, and Bundled Offer. And if you are lucky enough to get OLED switch Upgrade this year, be sure to Transfer all your data.

Update December 2021: We added Metroid Fear, new Pokémon snapshots and unpacking.

Many members of the WIRED team contributed to this guide, including Jess Gray, Lorraine Stramp, Jeffrey Van Camp, Julie Munsey, Peter Rubin, Emma Ellis, and Eric Ravenscraft.

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