2021 is destined to be a year of disappointment in popular culture


Nearly two hours Enter Eternal race‘The running time of 2 hours and 37 minutes was a bit too long, which shocked me: this movie is terrible. Strange and disturbing, this is a perception different from the feeling of knowing that you are about to be abandoned. The spell is broken; it cannot be recast. In the past 100 minutes, Zhao WeiThe thoughtful exploration of the immortal race of superheroes attracted all my attention. It has moments of fighting, teasing, and catharsis. Looking at it is like making new friends. But it soon became clear: this is how it feels. My happiness comes from watching a movie in a cinema, surrounded by people-not the movie itself.

Culturally, there are many things to do this year. As an era, Coronavirus disease The era of missed opportunities has passed. Many of these are personal milestones-postponed weddings and freshman years away from classmates. Others are more extensive-NBA games are played without fans, Mulan Premiered in the U.S. On Disney+. But as 2020 enters 2021, the situation has changed. Vaccines were launched, music venues opened; people started to go to movie theaters and a large number of sports venues. The touchstones of popular culture and the way people enjoy them are beginning to reappear and bring many expectations. No time to die It needs to be excellent, because for some fans, the new James Bond movie is the first time they have seen a big movie on the big screen in months.Also applies to dune. Eternal race Again, this is why anything unbelievable is disappointing-and it is.

Such disappointments abound this year. But frankly, there is no way to avoid this. The 2020 lockdown has suppressed the massive demand for cultural venues. Spring without Coachella, summer without large tracts, and autumn and winter without a lot of hype during the usual holidays-these things make many people want.Of course we filled the gap Streaming marathon, podcast, and Tik Tok, But it’s hard to imagine that a lot of things are missing.

By 2021, many of them have returned.Delayed movie likes dune The new 007 movie entered the Imax screen.Although these two movies are very good, there is no movie like this this year Oh my god, did you see it? Air Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Panther Done. (anything Shangqi and the legend of ten rings Nearest.perhaps Spider-Man: Nowhere to go, But it’s in theaters Just when Omicron’s worries reached its peak.) Not necessarily because they failed to become a feat in filmmaking. We just need them too much. Just like their first hug after lock-in, people hope that their first trip to multiplexing will feel immortal. Perhaps, in my mind, I hope that my first meeting with the Eternal Race feels like returning home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.When Eternal race It feels like any other trip to the theater-a good time, but rarely changes life-the effect is melancholic. This may not be the fault of the movie.

TV consumption has undergone a slightly different shift. In 2020, media diet Comfort food: friends, office, CircleMost of these will continue into 2021, because streaming media has become the most reliable-if not the best-source of new cultural output. Of course, the past two years have also broken through many challenging projects——I might ruin you and East Town Mare Come to mind-but, if anything, isolation has allowed many viewers to re-acquaint some easy-going shows, such as New girl and Hit Creek Or any of the six escapism genres on Disney+.Of course, some people have discovered or rediscovered complex fares, such as Sopranos, But when it comes to excitement about the new show, the absurd show is like Tiger King and Sell ​​sunset It seems to attract the most attention-providing a form of adjustment in adjustment that other new series do not have.Breakthrough, such as Squid game, Tends to be obscure and/or absurd.Movies that are expected to cause a sensation, such as Netflix’s reality show denim And Apple TV+ Base, Plummeted. Even if television becomes the more dominant media, it is still full of disappointments.


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