18 Best Memorial Day Kitchen and Home Deals (2023): Air Fryers, Robot Vacuums, and Pizza Ovens


To paraphrase the problematic classic movie Love, Actually: It’s Memorial Day, and this is the season when we will tell the truth. The truth is, you’ve been dreaming of a new air fryer, haven’t you? Or a robot vacuum? If the price tag has been scaring you away from finding your next great kitchen or home device, these Memorial Day sales are right up your alley.

Don’t see anything you like here? We already have some outdoor Memorial Day dealswith more to come over the weekend. And there’s plenty more in our buying guidesincluding our guides to the Best Projectors and the Best Air Fryers. Happy deals!

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Kitchen Deals

All-Clad D5 Essentials Pan

Photograph: All-Clad

The All-Clad Factory Seconds Sale is happening now through May 30, making some of the best pots and pans you can buy much more affordable than usual. The D5 Essentials Pan is included in the sale, and it’s one of our favorite versatile vessels for the kitchen.

The Ninja Air Fryer Max XL might sound large, but it’s surprisingly compact for an air fryer. Instead of crowding your countertop, this air fryer will give you more room than other air fryers to actually, you know, use your kitchen. It doesn’t t have an app, but it has a straightforward control panel that’s easy to use.

The Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven is a great choice for big households with its 6-quart capacity. It’s also great for anyone who likes to check on things as they cook. Unlike other air fryers where you have to open the drawer, this one has a large viewing window that lights up with the touch of a button.

This toaster oven does the basics well. You can count on the Zojirushi Micom Toaster Oven (7/10, WIRED Recommends) for all your roasting, baking, and reheating needs. The domed pans that come with it don’t really work well, so you might want to spend what you save on quarter-sheet pans instead.

Check the temperature on anything in a flash. The Thermapen One takes a split second to read temperatures, so you can pop the oven or grill lid open and shut without losing too much heat. (You can also use it to check your baby’s bathwater, which is my favorite way to use a digital thermometer.)

You’ll be itching to mix up a cocktail in front of friends or record yourself baking lemon bars with this beautiful citrus juicer. It’s a style statement for sure, and it’s made to last forever. Your future cocktails will thank you.

Ooni Karu 16

Photograph: Ooni

This pizza oven is practically perfect. The Ooni Karu 16 (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is easy to assemble, has a large cooking space for those 16-inch pizza pies, and uses surprising little fuel while cooking.

If you’re just getting started with cooking your own pizzas and don’t want to spend too much, the Ooni Koda 12 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a great beginner pizza oven. It’s light and small, heats up in just 20 minutes, and will cook a pizza in two.

Home Deals

Roborock Q5+

Photograph: RoboRock

No robot vacuum is perfect, but the Roborock Q5+ (9/10, WIRED Recommends) comes pretty darn close. It’s simple to use, can map multiple rooms and floors around your entire home, and lets you designate certain floor types for each of those rooms. Check out our guide to the Best Robot Vacuums for more options.

Make pet hair disappear all on its own with the help of this robot vacuum. The Eufy RoboVac X8 drops in price often, but this is still a great deal.

No one expects an air purifier to look pretty. But Blueair’s Pure Fan Auto is a fan we don’t mind looking at in a bedroom or office, and it will quietly cycle cool, purified air through the room. It’s not strong enough to cool an already toasty room, though. Check out our guide to the Best Air Purifiers for more.

This elegant air purifier is layered with filters: a fabric prefilter that collects dust, an activated carbon filter, and an H13 HEPA filter. It has both an app and a digital display to check on your air quality status (using a red-yellow- green color system), and it tells you when it’s time to swap out the filters.

Coway Airmega 400S

Photograph: Amazon

Got a big room that needs air purifying? The Airmega can clean up to 1,560 square feet, and it will cycle all the air in that size of room twice an hour, or four times an hour if half the size. It’s easy to use with touch controls and a color-coded air quality monitor ring. The 400S model connects to Wi-Fi so you can control it from an app, an upgrade from the plain 400 model.

If you want the most bang for your buck out of a Google smart speaker, the Nest Audio (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is the way to go. But only if you’re happy with a soft pink speaker—only the Sand color is left in stock at this price.

If you’re in the market for an Alexa, why not get one with a screen? The Echo Show 8 is a fantastic smart display all around, and The best choice for an Alexa displaySee the weather, follow recipes, join video calls, and stream shows all on this little device.

Google Nest Hub Max

Photograph: Google

The Google Nest Hub Max is our favorite all-around smart display for a reason. Well, several reasons, including: It packs a 10-inch touchscreen, pretty good speakers, and a camera you can use for Zoom calls.

The rounded fourth-generation Amazon Echo (8/10, WIRED Recommends) packs big, balanced sound for its price point, along with all of the Alexa features you know and love. It can also double as a smart home hub.

Gravity is a major name in the weighted blanket game. The Basics blanket is Gravity’s budget blanket, and while it’s much cheaper than most weighted blankets, it’s still fantastic. We see it go on sale about once a month for this price.


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