16 Great Deals: Switch Games, Headsets, and More


In many parts of the United States, we’re in the thick of summer and it’s time to admit: It’s not getting any cooler out. It would be a great time to go to the pool or the beach. Alternatively, if you’d rather weather the heat waves indoors with air conditioning, it’s a great time to hunker down with some gaming deals.

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Headset and TV Gaming Deals

Photograph: Logitech

This headset from Logitech is one of our favorites, especially for PC and PlayStation players. It’s lightweight, it supports excellent DTX:S object-based surround sound, and, for PC players, the powerful G Hub software adds a ton of extra EQ features so you can fine-tune your sound.

If you’re more of an Xbox person, this SteelSeries 9X headset is a great choice. It can pair directly to your Xbox Series X/S without a dongle, it has a retractable mic, and it does an excellent job of monitoring your own input so you can avoid yelling at your teammates. Accidentally, anyway.

There’s never enough space to store all your games, screencaps, and recordings. Fortunately, on the PS5, you can add more with a simple upgrade. This internal M.2 drive has 1 TB of storage in a small, low-profile stick that comes with its own heat sink to help keep it cool inside your machine. They’re not that difficult to install either.

Sometimes, the best accessory you can get for your console is a new TV. This is our favorite entry-level model from TCL. It has full-array local dimming and a built-in Roku interface. It’s only 60 Hz, so it’s not the best you’re gonna get, but if you’re still stuck with an old HD TV, it’s a good upgrade.

Switch Accessory Deals

Photograph: Orzly

If you prefer the Switch Lite (8/10, WIRED Recommends) to the Switch, there’s a decent chance you do more traveling with your Switch than the average person. In which case (ha) Orzly’s carrying case is a handy thing to have around. It comes with a slot for several games, extra space for accessories like headphones or a spare set of Joy-Cons, and an internal protective cover that keeps your screen from getting scratched by all of the above.

It’s awesome the Switch is portable. It also means that it’s more prone to scratches, dings, and damage than your other consoles. So, just like your phone, it’s a good idea to get a screen protector to cover the display. This one from amFilm is one of our favorites, and it’s even cheaper than the cheap it usually is.

To protect your Switch even further—and give yourself a little extra grip on those not-very-ergonomic Joy-Con controllers—this grip case from Orzly wraps around your entire Switch, controllers and all. Check out our guide to the Best Switch Accessories for more.

Video Game Deals

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