15 best online mattresses to buy (2021): memory foam, hybrid, organic, latex

Shopping The best mattress on the Internet is a waking nightmare. Choosing the wrong mattress can cause a nightmare or ruin your back. The online market is flooded with choices, or there are more dedicated mattress review sites than the stars in the sky, which doesn’t help. It’s a mess.

WIRED is not a dedicated sleeping place, but we Have done Last year, I filled a room with 25 top-of-the-line boxed mattress models, and spent a few days unboxing, checking, reclining, and even jumping on each model. Since then, we have tested a dozen more. The following are my favorite (and least favorite) mattresses. All prices shown are for large models.

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Update November 2021: We added Awara, Keetsa, Avocado Green and MyGreenMattress for children, and upgraded Casper to runner-up.

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Matt Jancer, Louryn Strampe, and Scott Gilbertson contributed to this guide.

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