14 Gift Ideas for the Home Chef (2022): Vitamix, Cookbooks, and More

The cooking fire was once the center of the home. The modern stove has mostly removed fire from the equation, and architectural trends have shunted the hearth off to the side of the den, but the kitchen is still usually where the heart is. It’s where you make holiday meals. It’s where the kids lurk near the fridge and where your friends hang out while you’re checking whether the turkey is done or cutting up just a few more limes for drinks.

If there’s also a former professional or dedicated amateur chef in your life who can’t let anyone nearby go hungry, we have some of our favorite gift ideas here. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our guides to essential pots and pans, chef knives, cookbooks, pizza ovensand camp cooking.

Updated November 2022: We’ve added some new favorites, including Bees cotton food wraps, Fabulous Modern Cookies, and more.

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