14 Best Deals: Fitness Gear, Ebikes, and Mechanical Keyboards


Longer days are here, as are warmer temperatures, and the beautiful annual unfolding of all the lush greenery and color nature concealed during the frigid months. Get out there and enjoy it. Whether your ideal workout is running the trails, biking the streets, or hitting the gym , we’ve got deals on our favorite gear to keep you active and healthy. Prefer to stay indoors? That’s quite alright—you might like the deals on mechanical keyboards.

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Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker Deals

Check out our Best Smartwatches and Best Fitness Trackers guides for more.

Apple Watch Series 8

Photograph: Apple

WIRED senior associate reviews editor Adrienne So calls the Series 8 “far and away the best fitness tracker if you have an iPhone” in our Best Fitness Trackers guide.In addition to its strong suite of workout views, running metrics, medication loggingand sleep tracking, the Series 8 adds new body temperature sensors that track menstrual cycles, and Crash Detection in the event of a car accident.

We called this fitness tracker the best for triathlons in our Best Garmin Watches guide Due to the wide range of features it packs for runners, bikers, and swimmers. There’s a heart rate monitor, altimeter, thermometer, blood oxygen sensor, and training software that tracks your acclimation to heat and offers predicted exercise finish times.

In our testing, the Peak’s step counter is too sensitive to be of much use as an everyday tracker, but its more than 80 sport modes for a wide range of outdoor activities can give you an ultra-deep look into your performance. It has a built-in GPS for tracking your runs and takes only an hour to charge to full.

It’s not very comfortable for workout activity and the e-ink screen is crowded, but it’s remarkably accurate at capturing data on SpO2, sleep, and heart rate. You can connect it to Google Fit. While there are better fitness trackers out there as far As being purpose-built for workouts, the Jorn is a slick-looking watch with charm in abundance. Read more here.

Electric Bike Deals

Read our Best Ebikes guide for other recommendations.

Wing Freedom X

Photograph: Wing

I was a big fan of the Freedom X (7/10, WIRED Review) when I thrashed it around the streets of New York City for a week. Ebikes all make compromises below the $2,000 price point, but among the competition, Wing is one of the best. With a surprisingly comfortable seat, ergonomic hand grips, a powerful motor, and a relatively light 39-pound weight, it offers much more than most competing ebikes. My review initially criticized the short warranty at the time, but Wing ebikes now come standard with a one-year warranty.

My review of the Juiced Scrambler is in progress, but early opinions so far are good. Rather than aim for the svelte, looks-like-a-regular-bike, lightweight form of a wing or PropellaJuiced bikes tend to weigh more at 60 to 70 pounds. They offer 28-mile-per-hour speeds and claim a range of around 40 miles, depending on the model. There’s limited stock of open-box inventory, but the discounts are huge at roughly 50 percent or more. You can read more about our experience with the brand here.

It’s not the largest discount, but ebikes at the low end of the market rarely go on much more of a sale. Plus, we really like the Cafe Cruiser. It has a powerful 750-watt motor, 28-mile-per-hour top (electrically assisted) speed, and a respectable 30 to 50-mile range. There’s a passenger seat kit you can purchase for $125 that lets you carry a friend, as long as they weigh 150 pounds or less.

This is the biggest sale we’ve seen since we reviewed the 7S (8/10, WIRED Recommends) back in 2020. Since then, it’s been upgraded in a few minor ways, but it’s still largely the same bike we fell in love with. It’s lightweight (for an ebike) at 37 pounds, has seven mechanical gears, and reaches a top (electrically assisted) speed of 19 miles per hour. The stated range of 20 to 40 miles is accurate, in my experience. You’d have to look hard to spot the bits that make it an electric bike, which might be just what you need if you don’t want to broadcast your ride.

Workout Apparel

Nike Pro Dri-Fit

Photograph: Nike

Working out in a cotton T-shirt is a drag. It gets drenched with sweat early into your workout, and you stay damp until you get home and peel it off. I’ve been using Nike’s Dri-Fit shirts to work out in the gym for years. These shirts are thin enough to keep you cool, and their 93 percent polyester fabric dries quickly during breaks between exercises. The 7 percent Spandex gives it enough stretch for staying flexible, too.

Along with my Nike shirts, I’ve been using these Adidas pants as workout pants for years. The tapered cuffs and slim fit mean there isn’t any extra fabric flopping around while I’m working out, and the 100 percent polyester fabric dries sweat quickly, yet is durable enough that I haven’t noticed any fraying or holes yet.

Men’s Sizing, Women’s Sizing

When it’s cold out and I go for a run (which, admittedly, isn’t often), I need something warmer to wear that won’t restrict my movement. These Uniqlo sweatpants are incredibly soft and comfortable, with a just-baggy- enough fit that won’t get in the way of your flexibility. I also use them often for Zen meditation and as a warm layer on walks to the gym when it’s chilly outside.

Men’s Sizing, Women’s Sizing

It’s tough to find a solid do-it-all workout shoe. There are shoes geared towards runningwhether outside or on a treadmill, but there are also shoes geared toward weight lifting, which tend to have flatter soles for stability. These X2s have been superseded by the X3, but I like the stability these CrossFit shoes offer for deadlifts, squats, and overhead presses, paired with the ability to get on a staircase machine or treadmill and just go for 45 minutes.

Keychron Mechanical Keyboard Sale

Keychron Q3

Photograph: Keychron

Keychron, the maker of some of ours favorite mechanical keyboardsis having a sale to celebrate its sixth year of making typing machines. The Q3 is a great corded keyboard with a hefty metal frame that won’t slide around your desk. This one doesn’t include a NumPad, but I highly recommend buying the version with the “Fully Assembled Knob” so you can change the volume with a satisfying twist. It comes with a color-matching USB-C to USB-C cable (and a USB-A adapter). This deal ends on April 7 at 11:59 pm ET.

Already have a mechanical keyboard? If you need some new switches or just want a new color scheme, Keychron has discounted switches and PBT keycaps if you want a fresh typing experience. These deals end on April 7 at 11:59 pm ET.


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