10 Christmas movies worth watching this season that are not Christmas


Christmas movie.

I think of traditional stories, such as It is a wonderful life and Christmas carol Or other movies full of joy and songs to celebrate the holiday with snowflakes and tinsel as the background.

Or they made a Christmas movie over and over again on Hallmark and Netflix.

But sometimes we need to take a break from those high-energy cheers. Therefore, here is a list of 10 Christmas movies that are not Christmas for you to enjoy this holiday season.

go with

go with It is one of the movies that tells the adventures of different characters and at the same time weaves the story together through common clues. In this case, every story begins with a drug-fueled carnival during Christmas, and this carnival is quite wrong. Two young grocery store employees were involved in a strange drug deal. Two soap opera actors were taken hostage by a policeman and his wife during Christmas dinner. They planned to sell them through their MLM plan, Lassway. Two friends of Gass had a great time in the car chasing and gunfighting, and other spoofs. This is a twisted story about police officers, drug dealers, car chases, and some kids just looking for a good time. In addition to traditional Christmas movies, go with Brings embarrassing holiday laughter and reminds me that I am glad I am too old to have such an adventure anymore.

As the slogan says, “Life starts at 3 in the morning.” This is when I want to sleep.

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Trading places

I will always love movies with brotherhood as the background. The movie actually took place in Philadelphia in the 1980s. From Christmas to New Year, two super-rich merchandisers bet to see if education or genetics would make someone a criminal. Their mark? Commodity broker Dan Aykroyd and criminal Eddie Murphy. As the title suggests, the place of the transaction, the wealthy and decent Louis of Acroyd lost his money, his home, his friends and his life, and turned to Ophelia of Jamie Lee Curtis Ya ask for help. Billy Ray, played by Eddie Murphy, went from a little liar to living in a beautiful brownstone, with all the money in the world and a new job as a commodity trader to lay the foundation.Key points Christmas carol Because each of them saw what life would be like? Oh yes. Drugs and Santa Claus suits? undoubtedly. In the end, the two-hero team won one percent? indeed. The butler has the top beach scene of the butler? must. Celebrating Christmas and New Year in a gorilla suit? Check.

You can’t go wrong with this old school comedy classic.

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The fugitive played by Dennis Leary. After hacking the house on Christmas Eve to avoid the police and taking the owner hostage, unfortunately, he found his choice was very bad. The tension within the family made him nervous and brought us a response that only Dennis Leary could respond when he changed from kidnapper to marriage counselor to unintentional therapist to…family and friends. referee At its core is black comedy. It is characterized by a dysfunctional family during the Christmas period, a couple on the verge of divorce, a child who extorted and scams at school, a domineering family, a criminal trying to escape, and all the bondage that comes with it. crazy. Is it Stockholm syndrome? I don’t know, but it works.

“Mary, stop your grandmother.”


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