10 Best Deals: TVs, Soundbars, Cameras, and Bluetooth Speakers


It’s a good time to be an A/V nerd. We’ve scoured the web for discounts and found some killer deals on high-end audio and video gear for your entertainment center at home, or for when you want to get out of the house and listen to tunes or capture some photographs. Check ’em out!

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TV Deals

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TCL 6-Series

Photograph: TCL

This is still our favorite TV. The TCL 6-Series (9/10, WIRED Recommends) packs a Mini-LED backlight for rich contrast, quantum dots for precise color, and a built-in Roku interface for easy navigation. The pedestal stand means it’s easier to place on a media console, and there’s a 144-Hz screen refresh rate for all you gamers out there. This $50 discount has been flipping back and forth for the past few months.

The LG C2 is also one of our top TV picksthanks to its OLED panel, giving it effectively perfect black levels. It also has a 120-Hz refresh rate and minimal input lag, making it ideal for gamers who want to play fast-paced games in the living room.

We wouldn’t go so far as to say you need an 8K TV just yet (or any time soon). Most people are only watching 4K content some of the time anyway, but if you just like to be ahead of the curve, we like this Samsung QN900B (8/10, WIRED Recommends). It’s got a sleek design, incredible picture quality (which you’d expect at this price), and even a solar-powered remote.

Camera Deals

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Panasonic Lumix GH6

Photograph: Panasonic

This is less of a sale and more of a permanent price drop (hopefully), but when it comes to heavy-duty hardware like your mirrorless camera, these events are the rare celestial alignments photographers wait for. We like the GH6 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) for its thoughtful controls and top-tier image stabilization.

Similar to the GH6, this Lumix camera from Panasonic is also coming down in price. The S5 is one of our favorite mirrorless camerasespecially if you’re a photographer who also wants to shoot video. It’s considerably less expensive than some of our other favorite studio gearlike Blackmagic’s 6K cameras, and even the GH6 above.

You can’t fit a DSLR into this small bagsbut you can fit compact point-and-shoot cameras as well as other accessories like earbuds, spare batteries, storage cards, or rolls of film. It’s cute, comfy to wear, and is made from recycled 500-denier nylon and 210- denier ripstop with YKK zippers.

Audio Deals

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Samsung HW-Q990B

Photograph: Samsung

There are a lot of options for Dolby Atmos-compatible sound systems, but this one from Samsung (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our top pick in the category. It has room-filling 11.1.4 audio, simple setup, and it pairs with most Samsung TV speakers. It’s a great pick if you’re looking for high-end, luxury sound.

If it’s bass you’re looking for, this system from Nakamichi is the bassiest we’ve tested.It comes with two massive subwoofers that can fill the room with those heavy tones you love.

UE Wonderboom 2

ultimate ear

This little 4-inch speaker comes with IP67 water and dust resistance, making it our top pick for water parksbeaches, and anywhere else you might get wet. It has 13 hours of battery life, and a 100-foot Bluetooth range, plus the company even promises it’s “drop-proof” from up to 5 feet.

this tiny speaker is about the size of a hockey puck, but it can still put out a surprisingly satisfying sound. It’s small enough to clip onto a bag or hang from your belt while you venture outdoors or around a convention.


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