10 armchair tycoon management and city building games

In children and Other duties, when I often play games in the early hours of the morning, playing management simulation games is one of my favorite things to do.I spent countless days building Analog tower, Simulated city, with theme park. I run a studio movie, Manage a zoo Zoo TycoonAnd build a pyramid Pharaoh. My evil lair Dungeon Guardian 2 with Evil genius Cannot be compared.I built an impenetrable castle inside stronghold, I sank for a few days Game development story——Game about making games.

These games are the perfect foil to the madness of multiplayer, and provide an attractive escapist table for one person. As the children grow up, I find that I have more time to deal with management and establishment issues, and these games have reinvested in them.

Note to potential players: Although there is usually a console version, if you play on a PC, you tend to get better control and greater depth.

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