Winklevoss Twins – World’s first bitcoin billionaires, Owners of Facebook Idea

World's first bitcoin billionaires - Winklevoss twins

World’s first bitcoin billionaires: After the biggest reach of Bitcoin, it reaches another one step high on Sunday. The coin touches its first $11,000 and then it now at $12,999.50 for the first time.

There is twice who was against to the Facebook’s CEO are the first bitcoin billionaires. Both (Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss) of them are the best known for suing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2008 on the claim that he stole the idea of current world’s biggest social network from them. In that case, they both won and were awarded $65 million.

World's first bitcoin billionaires - Winklevoss twins

Both of them invested $11 million on bitcoin in 2013 as they already predicted that this will be the future of this tech world. It makes both of them as billionaires now within four years. Buring their invested period in 2013, the cryptocurrency was trading at $120 per coin. Now, it is $12,000. It is around 9,000 percent increase.

Both of them have told to CNN Money regarding their long-term implications of investing in bitcoin (as Despite controversy), they said: “We’ve never sold a bitcoin, we’re in it for the long haul.”

Also, Tyler said “If Bitcoin is a better gold or seen as a type of gold-like asset, then it could be in the trillions on a market cap. We do feel those are very real possibilities.” to CNN Money.

The hot news is they need to reach more to catch up the founder of Facebook’s value. At present on Monday morning, Zuckerberg worth an estimated $72.2 billion.

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