Why study in Italy? Here’re 6 amazing reasons to consider studying in Italy

Study in Italy

Italy is home to the oldest universities in Europe, with several of them appearing among the global top 100 universities. Yes even with many centuries of history, they also boost of world-class infrastructure; new courses and for international students, there’re several classes taught in English.

Apart from these, there are other excellent reasons to consider studying in Italy. And in this article, we’ll be shining the spotlight on these hidden gems Italy have to offer to first-time visitors and international students.

So if you’re ready, here we go…

Be part of a long tradition

Italy was at the thick of the Renaissance with schools like the University of Bologna being at the forefront of the enlightenment. Studying here means you’d be walking almost in the same footpaths trod by ancient luminaries like Galileo, Copernicus, and a host of others who through their studies changed the course of civilization and profoundly impacted humanity.

If you’re considering going for an MBA then study in Italy at Bologna Business School and enjoy the picturesque and serene 16th century residence.

Opportunity to learn an international language

With over 85 million speakers the world over; also one of the three most widely spoken languages in the European Union and one of the official languages of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) learning Italy as an international student opens up new options you can explore both in your professional and personal life.

Also, there are mental health benefits associated with learning a new language like improving your cognitive ability which of course comes in handy for your studies.

Study in Italy

Learn in an international classroom

Italian universities provide a genuinely international, multi-cultural, diverse learning environment that’s essential to functioning optimally in a hyper-connected fast-paced world.

Learn how to collaborate, share ideas and work in teams that comprise of members from across the globe; which is an essential quality to become part of global multinational corporations after graduation.

Amazing food and wine

Italy has given the world mouthwatering gastronomical wonders that have placed them on the map as a food and wine destination. So be assured your stay here will be filled with moments of palate tingling experiences.

Most of the menus are filled with sumptuous organic seasonal meals your body will thank you for. Sample the local wines which are way better than drinks you get elsewhere. And of course, enjoy original pizza with its unique Italian taste you can’t find anywhere else but in Italy.

Architectural and famous sites

Marvel at the ingenuity massiveness of the Colossus. Enjoy the beautiful architectural wonders that dot every corner of this fantastic country.

With over 51 World Heritage Sites, you can never run short of places to visit or breathing taking sites to admire. Visit Mount Vesuvius to learn about the city buried under volcanic ashes, take a selfie holding the leaning wall of Pisa. There’s so much to fill your time here aside from your studies.

Warm locals with pleasant weather

Situated along the Mediterranean, Italy enjoys temperate weather that’s ambient with tons of sunshine. The locals are friendly and warm and are more than willing to go out of their way to be of help when necessary.

So there you have it, studying in Italy as an International student gives you the opportunity of exploring one of the most beautiful countries in the world while also studying in a world-class university with long histories dating back to the middle

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