RBI to Introduce Rs 200 From September 2017

RBI Rs 200 Currency Notes

RBI Introducing Rs 200 Notes:?The Central Government of India is ready to introduce the Rs 200 currency notes from this September. There are no denominations in India between the currency notes Rs 100 and Rs 500. For that, the Reserve Bank of?India is decided to introduce the Rs 200 currency notes all over India in August end or beginning of September.

It is mainly introduced to stop the black marketing. Rs 50 new currency notes are also to be introduced along with Rs 200 notes. Last year on November 8 the Indian Government under Prime Minister Modi had completely demonetized or demolished the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes. Instead, Rs 2000 and new 500 Rs currency notes were introduced.

RBI Rs 200 Currency Notes

Recently, the printing of Rs 2000 is completely stopped and Rs 200 currency notes were started printing. There will be no new 2000 Rs in India. It is the time to rotate the 2000 Rs notes that are already in rotation. The colour of the note is fluorescent blue with designs and geometric patterns with the sign of the Governor, Reserve Bank of India.

The official date for the introduction of new currency notes from the Government of India will be declared soon by the Reserve Bank of India.

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