Your Guide to Working as a Professional Claus

Do you love Christmas? Are you full of cheer? Can you grow a belly and — more importantly — a beard (or just fake it all well?)

You might have what it takes to work as a professional Santa Claus. After all, the real Santa Claus can’t be everywhere all the time.

If you’ve thought about pursuing this unusual seasonal job but didn’t know where to start, keep reading for advice from professional Santas in three different states. They share the inside scoop on working as Santa this Christmas.

What it Takes to be Santa Claus

Every year, thousands of shopping malls, department stores and corporations throw Christmas-themed events and parties that rely on guest appearances in person and on Zoom from Ol’ Saint Nick himself.

(Spoiler alert: not the real one. He’s too busy. It’s actually a complex network of Santa Claus impersonators.)

If you’ve got what it takes — eg a jolly chuckle, a mean beard (real or not), a background check and liability insurance — you can find a variety of Santa Claus jobs this time of year

In this guide we will cover

The Requirements for the Job

Yes, there are a few important commonalities that most professional Santa Claus look-alikes possess.

“Of course, a convincing look is paramount,” says Ed Taylor, who has worked as a professional Santa since 2003. He’s appeared in TV commercials, movies and works as Santa in Los Angeles and around the world. In one year, Taylor did more than 550 virtual Santa visits.

A great smile and a jovial personality helps but beyond that, the learned skills are super important, Taylor says.

“Like how to take a great photo, how to establish rapport with children, working with those with special needs, storytelling, beard care and grooming, how to use virtual technology and more,” he says.

Mitch Allen, head elf at Hire Santa, a job site for Santas based in Dallas, says that being Santa is hard work, as you have to be in character for many hours at a time and for…

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