Crystal’s 22 Goals for 2024: January’s Update


It’s the beginning of February, and I wanted to post an update on how I’m doing on my goals for 2024. If you missed my original post, here are My 22 Goals for 2024. In that post, I share specifics on why I chose each goal + my word for 2024 and how it’s my over-arching focus for why I set the goals I did.

Physical Health Goals/Habits

1. Sunlight Before Screens at Least 300 Days – I’m thrilled to say that I’m ahead on this goal as I hit it all but one day in January — and that was the day I was stranded overnight at the Dallas airport!

2. At Least 300 Walks Outside — I’m also ahead on this goal as I hit it all but two days in January!

3. 1000 Hours Outside — January was super cold (at least for TN — we had lots of below freezing days and snow on the ground for 9 days!) and I spent some time in KS where it was below zero some of the time! But I’m super excited to say that I hit my goal of getting at least an hour outside every day — despite the cold! And I ended the month getting 47 hours outside! My hope is to hit 90 hours outside in February… so long as we don’t have another freezing cold week!

4. Only Eat Refined Sugar Twice a Week — I exceeded this goal, too, much to my surprise! I thought it was going to be WAY harder than it was! It probably helps that I did some sugar fasts in 2023. In January, I had dessert with refined sugar once and then refined sugar in items 6 other times. I discovered that Chick-fil-A was one of the few things I caved for!

5. Consume 90 Grams of Protein at Least 300 Days — I also exceeded this goal in January. In fact, it was pretty easy to do and I think a lot of that had to do with me starting working toward this the last quarter of 2023. I hit my goal of 90 grams of protein all but 4 days in January — and two of the days I didn’t hit it were when I was stranded at the Dallas airport/traveling.

Emotional Health Goals/Habits

6. No Screens After 8:30 p.m. at Least 300 Days — This goal has been more of a…


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