You Could Win $1,300 From This Stephen King Movie Contest

Love Stephen King? We have a terrific (and terrifying) side hustle for you.

Dish Network is offering $1,300 to one lucky winner of its third annual Stephen King Scream Job contest.

The winner will receive a Fitbit to monitor their heart rate as they watch 13 classic Stephen King movies. Complete the challenge and $1,300 could be yours — along with other awesome prizes.

Too curious to turn away? Read on for details.

How to Apply

Any US resident 18 and older can enter the Stephen King Scream Job contest by filling out this online application.

Applications will be accepted now through Sept. 16 at noon Eastern Time.

To apply, you must describe in 200 words or less why you’re the perfect candidate for this horrifying job along with what you hope to gain from the experience — besides $1,300, of course.

You can also submit an optional video explaining why you’re the ideal pick.

It’s that easy. You’ll receive an email by Sept. 30 letting you know if you’ve been selected or not.

More than 600,000 people entered the contest during its first and second year, according to Dish.

You’re a Winner! Let the Horror Movie Challenge Begin

If you’re lucky enough to make the cut, buckle up for some spooky binge watching.

Dish Networks will send the winner a swag bag “survival kit” complete with a blanket, popcorn, candy and some Stephen King paraphernalia to help you set the mood.

The swag bag — valued at $350 — also includes movie ticket vouchers to the new “Salem’s Lot” remake premiering in 2023 along with a Stephen King Watch Guide.

You’ll also get the latest Fitbit model to monitor your heart rate as you watch the movies.

You must watch 13 different Stephen King movies by Oct. 31 and log details of your terrifying experience on a worksheet, including notes about the scariest jump scenes.

Don’t skimp on the details, either. Dish is pretty insistent that you record as much information about your experience as…

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