Why Your Prayers May Not Be Answered


I recently shared a little bit about prayer on Instagram in answer to a woman’s question about praying to change her husband. I got so many responses from what I shared and many followup questions, that I wanted to focus this podcast episode on that topic.

First off, I think we often have a false sense of what prayer is. It’s not about bringing our laundry list of things we want changed and fixed to God; it’s about a relationship with Him. It’s about releasing our desire to control and micromanage life and give it to our Heavenly Father and entrusting our struggles and stresses to Him.

Ultimately, prayer isn’t about changing and fixing other people or situations; it’s about changing us. I love this quote by Mark Batterson (above) that I recently read in his book, Win The Day.

In this week’s podcast episode, we dive more into what prayer is, what it looks like, and why your prayers might not be getting answered (or maybe they are, but you just don’t realize it!).

In addition, Jesse and I update you on his anniversary gift that finally arrived, I share two things that are saving my life, we talk about caffeine and teens, and I share about a book I recently finished reading with Kierstyn.

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[00:48] – Jesse and I talk about decaf coffee and caffeine… and teens!

[02:34] – I introduce today’s topic: prayer.

[03:03] – The thing that everyone is asking about: did Jesse get his anniversary gift?

[04:05] – I share how peanut butter and jelly is saving my life.

[06:57] – We’re loving the Water Wow books by Melissa and Doug!

[08:31] – I have a book update for the young kids.

[10:54] – This week’s podcast sponsor: Twigby!

[12:48] – Let’s talk about prayer and what inspired this topic.

[13:38] – I don’t believe the purpose of prayer is about changing our circumstances or changing people in our…


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