Why we changed back to family breakfast

A few years ago, we experienced a season with many evening activities. In that season, we decided to switch from family dinner to family breakfast.

We all have a hot breakfast (usually eggs and bacon, but maybe toast or pancakes), and spend some time reading the Bible and talking together. At that time, we taught ourselves at home and didn’t have any specific time to go out in the morning, so it was very effective for our family.

Recently, a lot of things happened to us at night, and we noticed that we can’t often attend family dinners. We held a family meeting and asked people to express their opinions on what we can do to have more time to sit around the table.

(Hint: Want to come up with a creative solution for your family? Hold a family meeting, get everyone involved, and then agree on a feasible solution. If your children are willing, they are more likely to agree to the plan to help first Create it!)

After our family meeting, we all decided to go back to the family breakfast again. Jesse and Kaitlynn need to go skating before 8 am, so we decided to have family breakfast at 7:30 in the morning. I have been preparing hot breakfast from 6:45 to 7:15 in the morning-so far, I have cooked breakfast casseroles, Baked oatmeal, toast and scrambled eggs, French toast, waffles and bacon, and even cold cereal (especially all day).

Our day is another such beautiful start. Moreover, we have realized that it has had a trickle effect on other areas-our day feels more organized, it feels like we have more breathing space… It just starts with the simple exercise of how we start in the morning.

In this week’s episode of The Crystal Paine Show, we will share more details about how family breakfast works now, how it changes our lives throughout the day, the two books I’ve been listening to, how to learn from avocado Take out the pit, one of our girl’s new jobs, listener mail, Hoopla and more!

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In this episode:

[1:15] -An easy way to remove the core from an avocado!

[3:50] – Kaitlynn just got a job, so we now have two working high school students!

[5:43] -I keep listening Warsaw Orphan By Kelly Rimmer.

[7:38] —— Warsaw Orphan Is the second book I have ever heard Hubra, I have been using it recently.

[8:57] – I share my thoughts Blue Star Woman the end.

[11:40] – Listener emails: feedback, tips and questions about Airbnb.

[15:10] – Today’s sponsor is Youth Woodworking Club.

[17:48] -We discuss family breakfast in depth!

[19:40] – We intend to suggest family meetings to the children before they are in place, but they have the same idea!

[21:24] – Our mornings are more efficient and organized.

[22:32] – Listen to my advice, if something in your home is not working properly, what you can do.

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