Why Our Kids Plan, Budget For, and Cook Our Meals

I love this creative way to meal plan as a family and teach your kids valuable life skills along the way!

The following is a guest post by Courtney:

“What are we having for dinner?”

“There’s nothing in the house to eat.”

“I don’t want that.”

Are you tired of hearing these complaints from your children again and again?

As a mother to six, I get you! This was our family, too — until I solved that problem and taught my children a few valuable life lessons along the way.

How We Solved the “What’s for Dinner” Problem

As you can imagine, mealtime for a family of eight is a little demanding. It takes planning and sticking to a budget to make it work.

Our family’s grocery budget (not including toiletries and household items) is about $400 per month. Since we shop weekly, that means we have about $100 per week to work with. Keep in mind, everyone eats all meals at home (my husband and I both work from home and all the children are homeschooled.)

A few years ago, my husband came up with a rotating chore schedule for our kids that has worked out great. It’s a five-day system for the five older children (parents take over on the weekends!):

  1. kitchen
  2. living room
  3. bathroom
  4. sweep/trash
  5. laundry
menu plan

How the “Kitchen” Chore Day Works

Here’s how the Kitchen Chore Day works and how this rotating schedule helps with menu planning:

  • On “kitchen” day, the child is responsible for making breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cleaning up. (Other children get their own snacks as needed from the pantry and fridge.)
  • They then add their meals to the meal planning list on the fridge.
  • After they get the shopping list together, they add everything to my Walmart grocery cart. We do the Walmart delivery in our area. It’s so worth it! I really love this app because the total adds up while you…

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