Where to Order & How Much They Cost

It’s almost time.

Before long, you’ll see the holiday greeting cards trickling in every day — filled with the smiling faces and coordinated outfits from your family members and friends all over.

If you haven’t begun creating your holiday card yet, you still have plenty of time. To help you focus on what company’s card offerings work best for you, we put together this list of holiday greeting card companies and how much you can expect to pay.

10 Companies to Order Your Holiday Greeting Cards From This Year

These card companies have deals and discounts going on all throughout the holiday season. So much so that you’ll probably never pay “100%” of the costs, whatever that may be.

To help you figure out what you’re getting into, we went through the ordering process for some of the most popular holiday card companies currently. We looked at how much it cost to order 50 standard stock cards. Nothing fancy or extra. basics.

Remember, these prices were for a random Tuesday in November. By the time you order, the prices may have changed. But these examples should give you a good idea of ​​a ballpark price with each card brand, as well as which ones typically are more affordable or considered higher end.

We include shipping when possible in the cost per card but didn’t calculate sales tax since that varies greatly.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get started.

1. Shutterfly

Shutterfly has been involved in the holiday card game for a while now, so they have a vast selection of quality cards that highlight you and your family.

We made a sample order for 50 5×7 cards at $2.15 eachsome of the more expensive cards we found. That totals $107.50 and includes envelopes. There was a deal for free shipping when checked and Shutterfly often runs sales, so let’s call it at $107.50 for a 50-card order. Your total may be a a lot less depending on what deals you find.

Cost per card: $2.15

2. Snapfish

The folks at Snapfish…

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