Using What You Have: Two Bags of Tomatoes

I thought it would be fun to start doing a regular post sharing creative ways I’m making do with what we have. I often share these types of things on Instagram storiesbut I know a lot of you don’t have Instagram or don’t check it regularly, so I’m going to share these here as blog posts to give you inspiration and encouragement for ways you can make do and use what you have .

I found two bags of tomatoes marked down to $0.99 each at Kroger a few weeks ago. They needed to be used up quickly, so I asked online to ideas of how to use them up. I ended up deciding to make a sort of salsa and tomato pie.

I had tomatoes, onions, basil, oregano, and salt. I didn’t have anything to give the salsa heat, but I actually love really mild salsa, so I was okay with that.

I peeled and chopped the tomatoes and chopped the onions.

I dumped all the ingredients in the blender and lightly pulsed it.

I added some more peeled and chopped tomatoes to give it some chunks (I like chunky salsa).

The end result was yummy. If I did it again, I would leave out the basil and oregano and probably do garlic and cilantro instead.

I’d never even heard of Tomato Piebut a number of people recommended it and I had the ingredients on hand, so I thought it would be fun to try.

You peel and slice the tomatoes and sprinkle with salt.

Then use paper towels or a towel to squeeze out the juice.

Then make the cheese and mayo mixture.

Then sprinkle the tomatoes with basil.

Top with the cheese mixture.

And bake! It was delicious! It kind of tasted like crustless pizza to me.

Note: I left off the crust, onions, and green onions, but I think it would be really delicious with those!

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