Use This Grocery Price Comparison Spreadsheet for Big Savings

With food costs surging, groceries can quickly eat up your monthly budget. But we all need to eat in the end. So, what can we do?

There are quite a few ways to save money on groceriesbut you’ll need to take some time to plan your shopping trips. Coupons can help, but they are no substitute for shopping at the right stores.

We’ll show you how you can save money each month on grocery shopping, as long as you don’t mind putting on your detective hat.

Save Money on Groceries — Every Single Time

Since prices can vary wildly between retailers, you can save a lot by switching to the store that charges least for your staples.

Everyone’s grocery list is different, so we created a supermarket comparison template for you to print out and complete yourself. This way, you’ll automatically get the most bang for your grocery budget buck — no matter what’s on your list.

Click for a larger version you can print out.

How to Use the Grocery Comparison Worksheet

So, here’s the thing.

Comparing grocery stores is going to take some time and effort upfront. You’ll need to travel to several stores in your area, locate your staples, record their prices and compare costs.

But while doing your supermarket comparison may seem like a chore, it can actually be a lot of fun.

You’ll feel a little bit like a private investigator. And once you’re done, you’ll save money every time you shop — no further thought or effort required.

Automated savings? Yes, please.

supermarket comparison

It’s super simple! Here’s what to do.

1. List Your Staples

First things first: Make a list of your most commonly purchased items — those things you absolutely always have in the house.

You still want the best price on your one-off treats or occasional buys, of course.

But if the cookies or candy you buy every once in a while are a lot cheaper at a certain store and all your staples are more expensive, you might not see the true winner. So to best automate your savings, stick with…

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