Use These 10 Business Ideas to Launch a Venture of Your Own

There’s a lot to like about running a small business. When you’re your own boss, you get to make your own rules and set your own hours. And if you’re lucky enough to run a successful business, it can pay more than a 9-to-5.

But what kind of business should you start?

Often, we hold a romanticized view of what it takes to come up with a business idea. Does it need to be a genius invention? A scientific breakthrough? A Shark-Tank-worthy smartphone app?

No. You don’t need flash to start a profitable business.

What you need is a real, concrete business idea that will gradually generate enough income to sustain you. Think about your typical local businesses. You probably see advertisements every day for dog walking, landscaping, catering, and more. Guess what? Those are all great small business ideas.

If you’re still searching for that perfect business idea, read on.

What Makes a Good Small Business Idea?

At their core, good business ideas identify existing problems and offer a solution. Could you solve problems with a scientific breakthrough, a smartphone app or a genius invention? Sure, but plenty of successful small business ideas are a lot easier to get off the ground , with a much lower initial investment.

A good business idea doesn’t have to be glamorous. It just needs to be realistic.

Kathyrn Gratton is the president of the Hagerstown, Maryland, chapter of Scorea free small-business resource network and partner of the federal Small Business Administration. In addition to practicality, she said that business ideas should revolve around you, the owner.

“Where’s your interest? Where’s your passion?” she asked, noting that your small business ideas need to be more than potential moneymaking ventures: You should also enjoy the work to some degree.

Once you think you’ve settled on a good small business idea, Gratton said, recruit a brutally honest friend to see if it holds any water.

“We all have that friend that will…

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