UPS is filling 60,000 seasonal jobs.This is how to apply

A man classifies the package as a UPS facility.

UPS expects to hire 60,000 seasonal workers this week in a national recruitment event called Brown Friday.Photo courtesy of UPS

In this holiday season, the company is feeling the crisis of supply chain issues, labor shortages and strong consumer demand.

This is stressful for company officials-but if you are looking for a seasonal job, this is good news.

UPS plans to hire 60,000 seasonal workers at a national recruitment event called Brown Friday to be held from November 4th to 6th this week.

Job seekers can participate in virtual information meetings or face-to-face events in specific cities.

According to the company’s website, Brown’s goal Friday is to hire seasonal workers for these positions:

  • Parcel handlers and warehouse workers
  • Personal vehicle driver
  • Delivery driver
  • Tractor trailer driver
  • Driver’s helper

These positions are entry-level, but driving-related jobs have additional requirements.

All of these characters can be physically demanding, so you must be able to lift, carry, and/or slide between 35 and 75 pounds.

The salary for seasonal positions depends on your work location and shift. We took a quick look at vacancies across the country and found that most warehouse worker positions usually earn between $15 and $25 an hour.

Seasonal employees can also participate in UPS’s Earn and Learn program, which, according to the company, can bring up to $1,300 in college expenses for just three months of work.

If your seasonal job becomes a permanent job-even part-time job-you will also be eligible for health care and retirement benefits.

Seasonal work always has potential Converted to a full-time position, UPS is known for its strong internal promotion culture.

“In the past three years, approximately one-third of the seasonal package handlers employed by UPS were later hired in fixed positions,” the company’s website states.

The large-scale recruitment campaign of the express giant is part of a broader effort. Announced last month, Employ 100,000 seasonal workers to support its annual holiday transportation peak.

How to find a job at UPS Virtual Job Fair

Brown will be mainly online on Friday, offering 19 virtual information meeting slots during the three-day recruitment blitz.

Information conferences are all the same, so you only need to register for one.

Expert tips

You can register for a virtual recruitment event here.

After registering, you will receive an email with a Zoom link to access the session.

The activity lasts for one hour. Available hours are from noon to 9 pm on Thursday and Friday, and from noon to 4 pm on Saturday.

The purpose of the virtual job fair is to help potential job seekers learn more about the company. The Q&A session is designed to answer common questions, such as when work starts and how long seasonal work usually lasts.

The webinar will also explain the application process in detail.

Here are some other key things to know:

  • Certain positions may receive a job offer in 30 minutes or less.
  • Many positions do not require interviews, but driving positions do require brief telephone interviews.
  • As needed, seasonal work can continue until January 15th.
  • Salary varies by position and location.
  • After successfully completing the online application, warehouse workers and driver assistant positions can choose their start dates.

UPS has also held more than 400 virtual job fairs in selected cities across the country-from Atlanta, Georgia to Albuquerque, New Mexico.You can UPS event page.

Too busy to attend the Brown Friday event?You can apply for seasonal work at any time

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