Try One of these 41 Weird Ways to Make Money This Year

As we start a new year and consider how to bring in extra cash, it’s time once more to look at weird ways to make money.

Some of the following ideas might be worth trying if you’re looking for another source of income. Others, well, let’s just say they make for interesting reading.

So for entertainment or entrepreneurial inspiration, here are some weird ways to make money you might want to consider.

41 Weird Ways to Make Money

1. Sell Your Breast Milk

Given the recent baby formula shortage, breast milk is in serious demand. Only The Breast provides an online classified forum and community for moms looking to sell breast milk. Standard prices start at $1 an ounce, so get pumping.

2. Get Paid to Stand in Line

You’ve heard the adage: Time is money. And you don’t have to waste hours of your life in line at the DMV or post office. Enter one of the weird ways to make money: minding someone’s spot in a physical or virtual queue.

TaskRabbit is a great site to find odd jobs like this, including one-time gigs like furniture assembly or hanging pictures.

3. Win Cash as a Professional Eater

If you’ve seen eating contests on TV, you may have wondered if you could make a living with this “sport.”

Maybe. Just look at the list of upcoming events on MajorLeagueEating.comand check out the list of competitive eaters on Wikipedia. Several have won more than $100,000 in prize money.

Boil 50 eggs or hot dogs and start practicing (on second thought, that sounds too dangerous).

4. Become a Professional Weight Loser

After you end your competitive eating career, you can win big money betting on your weight loss and losing a few pounds with Healthy Wage.

Your potential prize money depends on how much you bet and your personal data. Healthy Wage explains“We give bigger prizes to people who statistically have a harder time losing weight.” At the moment, the maximum prize to lose weight is $10,000.

5. Sell Your Plasma

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