Transferring Money to a Foreign Bank Account: Which Way to Choose?

Compare Money Transfer

In today’s globalized world, the mobility of people and their money is rapidly increasing. Less is the percentage of those who live their whole lives in one place, in one country. Someone goes abroad to study, work, travel, someone bases their business or works with partners in other countries. Either way, many are faced with the need to transfer money to a foreign account.

However, this procedure has its pitfalls. First, there are several ways to transfer money to a foreign bank account. Depending on the specific situation, some of them may be the most profitable, while others – absolutely not profitable. And these methods should be evaluated in advance in order not to face unnecessary losses of time and money.

You can transfer money abroad in many ways. It can be:

  • transfer using electronic payment systems
  • transfer using international money transfer systems
  • transfer using cryptocurrency
  • bank transfer

The most popular today are transfers through payment systems. Money transfers with the help of the payment system attract their simplicity – they are carried out in a few minutes from anywhere in the world, where an Internet connection is available. The most profitable translations within one payment system – in this case, the commission will be the smallest. However, in some cases, the transfer fee can reach 10%.

Data on transfers through payment systems are protected by coding. However, before using these systems, it is worth to familiarize yourself in advance with the withdrawal rules, as often with their cashing problems arise.

But how to choose the most profitable and the one that will work in our country?

Wirecompare offers a quick and easy solution to this issue. On the site you can compare money transfer and select the best ways to send money abroad.

Compare Money Transfer


  1. Enter the currency and the amount you want to send and select the destination on the website
  2. The site processes your request, requests quotes from trusted and most rated providers
  3. You get a list of the best options to save time and money

Save time and money by entrusting all professionals.

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